Friday, April 11, 2014

Strange things I saw this week!!

Strange things I saw this week!!

A 7 foot alligator about 5 feet away from where I was riding my bike.

I think he was getting pissed at the family of six from MI who were
staring at him.  It's not to often you see an alligator in Lake

I strange man who REALLY needed to shave before his ride.

My new Mexican Lucha Libre swim cap!!
I look totally awesome.  I did a fly elbow off
the swim blocks onto my lane mate
for the 3 count!!

Summer is coming.  The air plant is blooming.

And so is the Africa Iris

And this air plan is confused because it is only suppose to
bloom in spring.

My friend runs an ice cream shop and had to get
rid of his pineapple and mango chunks and purees.
He had no use for them so I started my
Pineapple Mango wine!!

The girls at Rotary went painting and asked me to go.
Bonnie was suppose to go but bailed at the last minute.
This is my wine class painting.  Not to bad considering
my last paintings were in kindergarten using my finger
and were hung up on the refrigerator by mommy.


  1. That's a big ass gator! Also, LOVE the new swim cap!

  2. I need to get some new fun swim caps...such-and-such triathlon series freebie caps are so boring!

    1. Check out I got some crazy cheap swim trunks, equipment and the Mexican Lucha Libre swim cap.