Thursday, October 2, 2014

Chattanooga Ironman - Tacks, Oil, Dead Bodies?!

Chattanooga Ironman - Tacks, Oil, Dead Bodies?!

Strange things happened at the inaugural Chattanooga Ironman...tacks, oil and a dead body in the water.

"Gallons of shiny silver oil dumped in the riders' path on narrow, two-lane West Cove Road in Chickamauga, Ga"

"Tacks also were scattered at various points on the bike course, causing numerous flats."  This caused nearly 30 flats.

 "Midway through the swim, a voice crackled on the radio: "Water Ops, we have a body in the water on the north side of the river."

Misunderstanding the nature of the call, the dispatcher responded, "You mean a noncompetitive swimmer in the water?" 

"Negative," the rescue vessel responded. "We have an actual body. It is not a competitor. We repeat, it is NOT a competitor. It is a DOA."

Everyone within earshot of a radio shook their heads in disbelief as the swimmers, unaware of what had been discovered across the river, swam on.

Pretty Good Rant About The Oil and Tack Idiot(s)... I would have been much less debonair if I would have written the article.

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