Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Ironman FL 140.6 Bound

Ironman FL 140.6 Bound
For all one of my readers here is an update.
I'm Ironman Bound this Saturday!!  This will be my first Ironman.  I was planning to finish around 12-13 hours but things have changed.  I have a medical issue pop-up on Thursday of last week that will need to be operated on when I get back.  I was able to get clearance from the surgeon to do the race but I have to take it easy and if something goes bad I must quit. So know my goal is to finish before the cutoff and healthy.
The weather looks pretty good (see below).  Maybe a little cold and windy.
I have not been on the bike or running since the medical issue.  I am a little scared but we will have to play it by ear during the race. 

Temp starts out at 51F and end around 56F.  A little chilly.
Wind kind of sucks.  Basically 10-17 mph all day.
0% chance of ran is nice


  1. Sorry to hear about the medical issue popping up, but that's great that he still cleared you to race. I'll be cheering you on and sending positive vibes :)