Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Ironman FL 2014 - Inguinal Hernia

For those of you who don't know IMFL's swim was canceled.  It was crazy cold (40-50F) and crazy windy 20-35mph.

IMFL was my first IM.  I was bummed the swim was canceled but I talked to the person in charge of the swim and I think it was the right call.  The rip currents were the problem.  The morning of the race some kayaks were been turned over and the safety personal could not get back into the kayaks.  The current was pulling the boat anchors around.  The guy next to me for the finisher gear did a warm up swim that morning and stated for every 2 feet forward he would go 8 feet to the right.  It was the right call for safety.  The safety personal would not have been able to do their job if needed.
Also it was SO cold and windy that hypothermia would have been an issue on the bike.  Being wet in low 40s F with 30mph winds and on a bike could have been dangerous.
I did not eat or drink for the first hour on the bike.  It was crazy windy and scary.  I was being blown all over the place (sometimes more than a foot). 
That crazy hard wind and cold made up for the lack of a swim but I’m a pretty good swimmer. 
Am I am Ironman?  I don’t know.  I know I could have finished the swim and the race long before the cut off.  I put in all the hard work/training and I think that is what counts.  I also did the race with a budging inguinal hernia that will require surgery the week after the race (tomorrow).  It appeared 5 days before the race. My first doctor told me NOT to do the race.  The surgeon told me I could but if something went wrong I would be in the ER for emergency surgery.   I could not stand one the bike for fear I could put too much pressure and cause serious issues/damage.  A friend of mine did the race with a broken shoulder.  One guy did the race two days after passing a kidney stone.    That should count for something!  J 
But I have unfinished business with Ironman.  I want that swim!!  So last night my wife and I signed up for Ironman TX 2015
I want to do a post soon about what I have learned about having an Inguinal Hernia and doing an Ironman.  This is little information about it on the internet and I think it could be useful to many men.  This is something many of use may face while training.  I have surgery tomorrow so I will do it afterwards.  I will also do a post(s) about getting back into IM training post-surgery.

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  1. Sorry about the swim, but I'm glad that they kept the safety of racers the priority. It just means that TX will be that much sweeter for you :)