Monday, December 27, 2010

So tired!!

 Sorry blog world for slacking on my updates but  I was on vacation for the past two weeks.   I only had boring scheduled updates.  I planned on creating an update post this morning but I am in zombie mode.  I left Tennessee at 6AM, got home at 1AM and got up for work at 6:00 AM.   I'm in no shape to create a post right now.  I hope to create one tonight or tomorrow. 

PS - I got good news.  My mother gave me all my childhood photos.  I got some serious Throwback material now!!

PSS - I also got back all but one test from the doctor.  I should get the last test results this week.  I will post the results in the next few days.


  1. Hope test results come back ok, can't wait for the throw back photos.

  2. I'm also on vacation and I just can't get myself to pull together a post :)

    Rest up!