Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Update From a Long Vacation..


Happenings in the Blog World
So I am a little more awake than on Monday.  I noticed many other bloggers have slacked during the holidays so I do not feel so bad anymore. 

Others like Silly Girl have been posting away.  She even posted a Throwback Post where she was traded to a local African tribe for 50 cows and 20 goats but they quickly returned her when they discovered she was a well armed sorority cheerleader working for the Dutch army. 

Q on the Move had a great blog of his new green Christmas sweater.  The reindeer looks more embarrassed than Q.  He also had a post about the night before Christmas where all the popular bloggers got a cool shout out. I was a bad boy so I was not on the list this year.  It was a very creative and funning post worth looking at.

Health Update
I went to several doctors over my vacation.  They ran many tests to find out what may be wrong with me.  They ran an ECG, an echocardiogram, a 24 hour Holter monitor and blood work.  I am still waiting on the Holter and blood work results but everything else came back good.  The echo tech said I must be a runner because my heart looked great.  I think she was just flirting with Mr Half TRIing.

The doctor said my heart looks much better than last year.  It is no longer enlarged and all the chambers are a normal size.  He does not think the Holter will show anything.  He thinks it was a perfect storm of issues (glucose levels, too hard training, training while still sick, the antibiotic I was on, possible dehydration, etc).   I am supposed to only train lightly till he gets back the Holter results.  I have to admit getting back on the bike scares me a little.

Christmas Wish List Update
Apparently Santa thought I was a good boy this year.  I was not on the naughty list like everyone thought.  (I really just slipped Rudolph a Benjamin to keep his muzzle shut and had him erase me from the naughty list).  I got a pair of Smith PIVLock V90 cycling glasses, Arctic Ease Cold Compression Wraps, an Allied Medal Display a long distance cycling book, a pair of socks, a small blender and some cologne to make me smell nice.  My mother also gave me all my baby photos and a nice photo scrapbook .  That will make for some great Throwbacks.

Vacation Update
So the family went on vacation to Tennessee last week.  We rented a cabin in the mountains of Gatlinburg.  It is the Orlando of Tennessee.  It was a nice place but I do not think I would go back.  I will Cliff Note the vacation in photos.

Arrived at Gatlinburg, TN
Bonnie and Chewie chilled!!

Bonnie and Triston went skiing
While I followed doctor's orders and chilled.  Hey, doctor's orders.
Visited a local brewer of moonshine
Tried the free tasting a few times!!
Found a cool British pub in the middle of nowhere.
Visited the Aquarium
Saw Sharkie Santa and Santa
Ask for more presents
One cold family at the aquarium

Drove to visit my family (sister)...

and mother..

and nephew
Chewie played in the snow

He made doggy prints

Found some strange things in my mothers closet.
Opened presents
Sporting the new hydration pack and lobster jammies
Bonnie looking cute

My new leg lamp.  It's a major award!
Drove home is the terrible snow blizzard and got home at 1AM


  1. The leg lamp is awesome and your mom's closet...too funny! Great pics. HOpe you can take it easy like the doc said. And hoping for good results for you.

  2. Good thing that my Mom did not sell me to that Kenyan chief. Those Kenyan's are fast; running and racing would have been so much less fun than it is now. ;) (not that I win anything...)

    So glad to hear that there seems to be nothing too serious going on with your heart/health. I truly hope (fingers crossed!) that the Holter results will come back OK/good/ or even fantastic!

    And I can relate to being a bit scared to exercise again! Take it easy; I'm sure you'll be fine! :) Oh, and you will still kick that HIM's butt!

  3. Sounds like you had a great Christmas Vacation, minus the blizzard drive! I am glad all of your results have come back good so far and hope that your bad bike experience was lack of proper fueling and hydration. Take care of yourself and let's get some Throwback pictures up!! :)

  4. You've had quite the vaca!!! I'm still a little disturbed by the fake person in your mom's closet though... LOL!

  5. What a great Christmas vacation!

    I glad to hear that all the tests are coming back good so far. I hope that trend continues!

  6. @Everyone: Thank you for the health concern.

    @Morgan - The mannequin is darn funny. My mother was lonely at the house so a friend of hers dressed up the mannequin and left it on her porch as a joke. Mom did not come home till real late. Her elderly neighbors called her saying her friend had been on the porch for a long time and was concern there was something wrong with her. They did not know it was a mannequin. Mom had no clue what they were talking about.

    She looks pretty real so Mom would leave her on the spare chair in the living room. Her friend was drunk one night and did not realize it was a mannequin. He told mom the women in the living room had nice legs but did not talk much. LOL


  7. I'm glad to hear that so far your tests have all come back fine! Hopefully the other tests will be fine too!
    It looks like you had a great vacation and got some fun gifts!

  8. Love the Christmas Story theme... great pictures!

  9. Wait! We have a vacation house in Gatlinburg! It is on the top of a mountain behind the Dollywood sign. I am kidding.
    Still think it is crazy that your friend's dog ended up on my blog.
    I dig your blog! What an impressive first year of racing.

  10. Looks like a great Christmas! Glad to hear that the tests are coming back good. Keep us updated!

  11. Great pics dude!!!!....

    I liked the Chewie very much!!!!....He is too cute.

    Thanks for sharing.