Monday, February 7, 2011

Quick Update

Last week was really hectic so I did not get the quality workout I wanted. I plan on making this week much better.

Monday - Off  :-(
Tuesday - Off  :-(
Wednesday - 1 hr Chest & 1 hr on the cycle trainer
Thursday - 1 hr Back
Friday - 45 min Swim
Saturday - Off  :-(
Sunday - 34 miles cycling in the POURING RAIN!! Pace 20-25mph

Race This Weekend
This weekend I will be doing the Dances with Dirt Green Swamp 13.1.  This race is described as "Each leg has or will become legendary. Legs from the Hell event with names like "Gator Bate", "Spider Webs" and "Yikes" have become part of running legend. Each leg is described and rated in difficulty so the team can meet beforehand and choose who to abuse ... we mean, who to run what. Basically, a difficult, wicked on and off trail run with stupid spots. Stupid spots include swamp crossings, river crossings, hills too steep to climb and can only be a butt slide down. Did we mention poison ivy, thorns, poor marking, bad (no) footing, a waiver that mentions your death 3 times and that we charge you for this?" 

Bonnie's personal favorite warning from the race directors.  Beware of gators "Gators are my personal favorites, the last of the dinosaurs (Unfortunately, the carnivore type). Look both ways, right, left, up, back … before crossing water, steer clear, then dash! Big gators, give big clearance, little ones, watch for big ones!"

This should be a fun race.  I will post a race report next week.

Cycling and Swimming at the Same Time
On Saturday I went cycling with a B pace group.  It rained the ENTIRE ride.  We got soaked and covered in mud.  It was like doing a swim/bike brick at the SAME time. I figured it may rain during my 70.3s and I need to know how to ride in it.  I thought it was a great ride and I had fun.

Triston's Great Accomplishment
Triston got an Honorable Mention at the county science fair.  He did a great job and deserves to be proud of this accomplishment.

Science Fair
I did not train on Saturday because I volunteered to judge the county science fair.  I had a good time and got to judge some great projects.  I was happy to see some limnology and drosophila projects.  It was great to be able to actually use my college degree for something useful.

Super Bowl
Am I the only male on the planet that could care less about the Super Bowl.  I really did not care to watch it.  All I really liked about the Superbowl is the commercials and I missed those this year.  I did watch the halftime show and I thought it was horrible!

What was your favorite Superbowl commercial? 

I likes this one:

I like this one also.

Because I got top of the class (see proof):


  1. Why is there hair in the photo with the report card? I'm intrigued...

  2. @Silly Girl: Watch the McDonald's Super Bowl commercial and you will understand. The baby bears name is Kevin.


  3. I will be running with a knife and a friend just in case. I can either stab the alligator or feed my friend to him. JK

  4. It's scary and funny: the list of activities on that report card can all surprisingly be linked to your training! :)

  5. Race sounds like fun! Have fun with it, remeber in case of gators you only need to faster then the other people around you... :)

  6. oooh that race sounds like a lot of fun...well except for the gators ;)

  7. HAHA! "The Force" commercial is the best. I can't stop laughing every time I watch it. So good!

  8. I loved the Darth Vader commercial!!!

  9. Yay for science fair! I didn't watch any of the super bowl. I loved the Darth Vadar commercial my hubby pulled up on YouTube. Totally something our son would do. Your race sounds super fun, can't wait for the race report. Good luck!