Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Triathlon Bags

Currently, my triathlon sports gear is all over the place.  It’s a disorganized mess.  When I go to events I use my sporty (and stylish) green $1 grocery bag.  It is not a pretty site but it is cheap and does the job.  The $1 grocery bag also fold up flat and takes up no space in the transition area.

Sporty, stylish and compact
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My Half Ironman is coming up in about a month and I wanted something better than my grocery bag.  Something a little more organized and more professional looking.  I did some research and it seems like Rocket Science Sports makes some of the best tri bags around.  But their prices are MUCH higher than my $1 green bag. 

So here are my questions to you.  What do you use during events to store/transport all your stuff?  What do you recommend?  Do you use a tri bag?  If so which one and do you like it? Where do you put the darn thing when you are done?  Is it worth buying a Rocket Science bag or use my $1 grocery bag?


  1. Jason just used a big tote bag for his HIMs. We have some free ones we got from that are about twice the size of the regular grocery bags from Publix.

  2. I have a BIG-ASS canvas duffle bag that i bring to events. You should see the look on the folks faces at the bag check when I two-hand-lift that puppy onto the bag-check table. It's got my warm clothes for after my race (and dry shoes), plus a soft cooler with an ensure and water and other post race stuff. Seriously, the bag looks and feels like I've got two midgets in it. I give them my $1 or $2 for the back-check and tell them to lift with their legs.

  3. Here you go!

  4. I have the TYR transition backpack and love it! It has a space for everything and it's been great!