Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Half Ironman Item Checklist

I started a list of all the items I will need for my 70.3. 

Do you see anything I am missing (other than the kitchen sink)?

What is the strangest item you bring to a race and why?

  • Tri Shirt
  • Tri Shorts
  • Socks
  • Spare Socks
  • Goggles
  • Helmet
  • Cycling Shoes
  • Computer
  • Water  Bottles
  • Sun Glasses
  • Gloves
  • Tire Pump
  • Spare Levers
  • Tire Rods
  • CO2
  • Dollar Bill (great for temporary repair of tire tear)
  • Running Shoes
  • Running Belt
  • Bandaids
  • Hat
  • Running Watch
  • Chamois Cream Sample (great for preventing a blister if they start)
  • Cycling Computer Charger
  • Running Computer Charger
  • Energy Gels
  • Water Additive (Gatoraid, Heed, etc)
  • Sun screen
  • Hole Punch (cool idea I picked up from another site)
  • USAT Card
  • Drivers License
  • Towel
  • Advil
  • Flash Light
Race Related
  • Swim Cap
  • Bike Number
  • Running Number


  1. Unless you have tested ahead of time and know you do not need it - I would recommend body glide to prevent wetsuit chaffing.

    I would bring arm warmers - maybe even cheap disposable ones incase its cold in the morning. Toss them from the bike if u get too warm.

    I hope you are not taking both CO2 and tirepump on the race. Pick one. Personally CO2 is not a safe bet, I would choose the pump personally.

    dollar bill - not good enough, get a roll of duct tape and roll yourself a tight, compact 'cigarrette' sized peice of it. Enough to cover a shredded tire but also enough to cover a blister - ditch the bandaids since they wont stay on anyways. Make the 1 dollar bill a $20. Incase you call it a day and there is an icecream truck or bar on the long trek back to transition area. Or Taxi. Seriously. Also works well for bribes when your CO2 fails you, u might want to buy a pump/co2 from another competitor.

    Only need 3 tire levers.

    Dont need gloves.

    Dont u wear a bandanna to keep sweat out of eyes? If u havent trained with it, then dont bother doint it now.

    Use the chamois cream on the bike, not the run. Use the duct tape on the blisters, works amazing!

    I dont understand the hole punch. Why?

    Race related - TIMING CHIP! Might want that lol.

    Powerbar? Not hte food - the power strip in case the hotel dont have enough outlets for your charger etc?

  2. I'm not too much help for triathlon packing, but make sure you don't forget breakfast. Sounds simple, but it's easy to forget that not much is open before race starts and you don't want to be trying new food the morning of a race. Made that mistake once... bought Poptarts at a gas station. Let's just say it didn't work out so great...

  3. I also took bandaids with me in case I had any blister issues on the run. I didnt end up needing them - but wanted to be 'safe' than sorry.

  4. Oh my...everytime I read somebody getting ready for the HIM I start getting more and more nervous. Glad I still have time...

    LOL! JohnP cracks me up! But some good advice too...especially the $20 for bribes or ice cream. :)

  5. @Pretend this is real: Breakfast is a great idea

    @John P: Unfortunatly this race will be in the FL summer heat so wetsuits and arm warmers will not be necessary. The tire pump is only for the morning not for on the ride. I like the duct tape idea for the tire. But not for what I need the bandaids for. Tearing duct tape off certain parts of your body hurts really bad. :-) Not sure I would have any hair left on my cheast after that! The hole puch is nice if you need to put a hole in the race number. It has happened to me a few times. Timeing chip DOH!!

  6. I need to add Suntan Lotion and stomach meds


    I like strawberry milk, but unfortunately it dont taste that way.

    Just sayin'..