Wednesday, May 4, 2011

12 Days Left

Only twelve days left.  I am starting to get nervous.  I found out I am in one of the LAST three waves.  That sucks.  That means I have less time to finish if something goes wrong.

On Sunday's cycling ride I had a tube EXPLODE on me.  It scared everyone in the cycling line.  This puppy went off loader that a shotgun.  It tore an 8in rupture in the tube.  God, I hope that does not happen in the race.  Luckily no one was hurt. I want to put some miles on the new tube this weekend to make sure it will not happen again.  I have bad luck with tubes.

Saturday was a 3K swim.  The first 1K I had a hard time finding my pace and breathing.  The second and third K was really easy and enjoyable.  I have to remember to start off fast to break from some of the crowd and then slow down and focus on stroke and breathing.  If I can find someone to draft off of I will in a heartbeat.

Sunday was a long brink (46mi bike + 13.1 mile run).  It was as hot as hot as Hades (probably in the low 90 with next to no shade).  It should be as hot during the race.  Luckily I live only about 20 miles from the race site so I am more use to the weather than most running it.  My biggest concern is the heat.  The mileage I know I can do.

Daniel: Hey, what kind of belt do you have?
Miyagi: Canvas. JC Penney, $3.98. You like?

I have not trained in 3 days.  My lunch time has been taken up with self defense training.  It’s a free class and has proven to be “interesting.” I am learning how to stop someone from assaulting me and using common items to defend myself.  Good stuff to know (especially if you are women).  I recommend all women take a self defense class.


  1. The heat is what gets me, too! I'll be going into my race in June knowing that I'll probably be facing 90 degree weather and we've trained mostly in 40 degree weather! OUCH! I'm hoping for a really hot May :-) ...but that is quite unlikely.

    Blow outs are sure scary!

  2. Only 12 days left? Wow! Exciting!

    And, uhm, that tube exploded on you? I'm Dutch, I cycle everywhere, happens to me all the time. And still scares the sh#t out of me!

  3. @Julie - Start running in the middle of the day. They say it take 2 weeks to heat acclimate.

    @Silly Girl: So when your your Ironman?! :-)

  4. Be calm Kimosabe…

    As the great EMZ would say:





  5. Who's EMZ ?? Don't frett my friend all will be zen in your accomplishment.

  6. One of the first half-marathons I did was in Florida. Started at 6 a.m. to avoid some of the heat but it was still in the 90s by the time we neared the finish. I've never seen so many people barf/pass out in a race, ever.
    And starting in one of the last waves just gives you more people to pass!

  7. Take a piece of duct tape and put it over any voice of doubt you may have!

    Oh, and think cold thoughts.

  8. You had the tube blow-out in training, so now it won't happen in the race. That's my way of thinking!

    I agree--I think self defense is so good to know.Haven't ever taken a class, but I mean to someday!

  9. LOL! Love the duct tape idea!

    I've never blown a tube...please don't let that happen to me...please don't let that happen to me...

    Then there is that little matter of the brick you did...please don't let there be one at the end of my training...please don't let there be one at the end of my training... :)

  10. Ooooh dont be nervous - be excited!!!!

  11. nice brick!

    ur probably better off learning to run faster than take a self defence class... just sayin' :)

    sounds like a good race strategy!