Thursday, May 5, 2011

Last Night’s Fortune Cookie Fortune

And drowning sucks!

So my fortune last night read “Swimming is easy.  Stay floating is hard.”  Wow, thanks!!  I needed to know that right before the race.  So the swim will be easy but staying afloat will be hard.  Well, if I can not float, drowning would suck!!  :-)


  1. I think it means it will all go swimmingly as long as you just keep floating because then you will have regrets and they are the hard part!

    You will kick a$$!

  2. Hahahahahah! Like the 'and drowning sucks' comment! :) You'll rock it! :)

  3. I agree with the other Julie! After you get out of the water...if you swam the whole thing you'll say - "phew! That was easy!"
    If you let yourself flip on your back or flounder a bit you'll berate yourself for the first couple miles on the bike and throw off your whole race.

    So swim on man! Swim strong!

  4. That's funny! Only a triathlete would get that kind of fortune cookie! ;)

  5. Will you be wearing a wetsuit? If so, don't worry about the not floating part. ;-)