Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Special Contest in Honor of My First 70.3

I would like to have a contest as a thank you to all of you who take time out of their day to follow my strange humor, my even stranger life, bad spellen, grammar, etc.   
The winner will receive a $25 gift card to www.TriVillage.com.  They offer a wide variety of gear for runners, cycling and swimming.  Their gift certificate FAQ is here.
Here are the rules.
1)   REQUIRED: In the comments of this post you must try to guess my final chip time for the Rohto Florida 70.3 (you cannot guess DNF).  Those who follow my blog regularly have an advantage because they have a good idea how lighting fast and awesome I am. :-)

2)   REQUIRED: You also need to tell me why you spend precious time out of your day to read my insanity and if you want me to continue posting after my first 70.3.

3)   All comments must be placed before the end of day Saturday, May 14th, 2011 EST.

4)   In the event of a tie, the person who posted first will win.

5)   Only one guess per person is allowed.
6)   Following my blog is not required but it does indicate to me that people actually read this blog and want me to contiunue posting.


  1. hmmm.... I am going to say 6:15:12. How is that for exact? I read your blog so I can keep up with what all the cool kids do when training for a 70.3 :)

  2. I'll guess 5:14:34.
    I like reading your blog because you Tri :-)
    and would continue reading even after your event!

  3. Hi! Hadn't checked your blog yet! ;) Thanks for reminding me. ;)

    I'll guess: 5:59:55. I know you have a sub-6 in you! :)

    And why I read your blog: Hmmm...it's a fun read. Like your sense of humor, and seriously...I don't have anything more interesting to do. ;)

    And yes, I will (totally, dude) continue to follow your blog after your sub-6 70.3. ;)

  4. I'm guessing.... 5:45:15

    I enjoy your blog also and would continue...What would we do with out Flashbacks!?

  5. Ok, this is difficult! I'm a new follower. Saw your comment on my blog so I thought I'd pop over to see how you're doing coming up on race day!

    It's tough trying to guess a Half Iron time by looking at sprint/oly tris and a bunch of half marys. But I'm gonna' go with 6:05:59.

    I'm betting on a 0:40 swim, 2:40 bike, and a 2:30 half mary with 0:15 in transition. We'll see how off I am come race day!

    And of course I'll stick around. On your mini Half Iron, you already hinted at the possibility of pushing for the full Iron. I'm all about pushing the limits!!

    Best of luck!!

  6. My guess.... 6:01:34. I follow your blog becasue I enjoy the way you wrtie and have actually picked up a few pices of information on my journey to my first triathlon. Good Luck!

  7. ok here goes.

    I say 5:55:14 - sub 6 oooh yeah! And yes - keep posting!! :) I love following fellow tri lovers!

  8. How fun! I'm going to guess 6:00:10! :)
    I like your blog because it's just fun to read!

  9. I am guessing 5:54:55. Just because.
    And I read your blog because you have a house in CR and maybe one day we will be BFFs and you will decide to give me the house.

  10. see, aren't you glad you left me a comment b/c it brought me over to you!! i love comments too and wish i had more time to leave them. you just caught me getting ready to take a quick lunch break.

    i guess 5:43:43 because i'd love to do my first half IM in under 6 hours.

    and i'll be reading your blog b/c i need all the tri help i can get!

  11. I like to read your blog because it's fun. I love sharing in everyone's adventures. Good Luck!!!

    I'm guessing 5:51:15.

    I'm a dork and did separate comments.

  12. I'll guess 6:05:01. I have no basis for this as I am horrible at predicting these things, and a HIM is hard to predict anyway.

    I follow your blog because I love reading race reports of races I've run or that are nearby and I might run, and I also like your style of writing.

    Best of luck tomorrow!

  13. 6:10:29 - considering I had to google how long a HIM takes that's my best guess... :)

    I follow and I totally read for Throwback Thursday. I wish I had the guts to post pictures of my childhood, but I'm far too self-conscious for that. Yes I'd still read. If you stop blogging how do we know that you haven't reverted to a couch potato? And thanks for the chamois butt'r - of all the things I won from you in that little pack it's what I love the most. It's great for feet (I haven't ridden a bike since I was 15 so couldn't use it as intended).