Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hello my name is Mr Half TRIing and I have a problem...

Hello my name is Mr. Half TRIing and I have a problem.  It started off with just trying a little 5K.  It was nothing big, just some little training with some friends.  I never thought it would turn into a problem. 
Soon the 5K was not enough.  I needed more. I needed something harder and more addictive.  Next, my little 5K turned into a 10K.  Surprisingly, I did not get what I expected from the 10K.  It just wasn’t enough to feed my addiction.  I needed something even harder.  How about trying a little 13.1?  The first 13.1 was free.  Bonnie and my friends warned me about my growing addiction.  But who is Bonnie to talk.  She went straight from a 5K to the hard stuff 26.2.  She was the one with a problem!

That's me in top right.
Note: The blue runner on the bottom as a more serious issue!

So that one 13.1 turned into two, three, four…   I needed help.  I needed to talk to someone who had similar additions.  So I found a group called Half Fanatics.  They were supposed to help me get over this addition.  They gave me an ugly blue shirt but soon I became just a number (number 394).  I soon found these people had a bigger addition than me.  They were serious pushers.  They soon sucked me deeper into the addiction.
Even Ronald thinks I have a problem.
But he was a serious Pink Folyd fan!

I needed something new to kick the addition.  How about you buy a bike Bonnie suggested?  It was really just a way for her to expand her addiction.  After getting the bike she suggested we do a sprint triathlon together.  After just one sprint I jumped to an Olympic.  The day after the Olympic I signed up for the Ironman 70.3 Florida.  Now I am signed up for the Clermont 70.3 in 19 days, 70.3 Augusta in 124 days and Miami Man 70.3 in 173 days. 
I even have Tough Mudder in 193 days.  Tough Mudder plans to torture me through electrocute, mud, freezing water, pain, etc.  Where will the madness end?!?!
Hello my name is Mr Half Triing and I have a problem.  Do you have a problem too?


  1. that ronald is f'n scary. what a way to get kids off of happy meals.

  2. Oh man...mine is creeping up a bit more slowly but the addiction is there. You are on the fast track to crazy town sir! (good job :D )

  3. Searching for my addiction. It may be triathlons, duathlons, or plain ol' cycling. I think cycling road races may be what I'm looking for but I'm not ready yet and most everything around here is a crit, not a road race. For 2011, duathlons are the name of the game - I relayed one in Feb, did my first solo one in April, and have 4 more on my schedule this year.

  4. Sounds like my husband!! I too suffer from this problem and will soon be conquring the MARATHON this fall! If I do say so myself its a great problem!

  5. I have a problem with marathons. I'm after the always attainable, but not always achievable PR. That's how running sucks you in. One bad race, no matter the distance, and you need a do-over. Now I'm focusing on training for an October 1/2, but am jealous of my husband who is going to do the full. Who cares if my body can't handle another 42.2? My brain thinks it sounds like a great idea!

  6. Yep, I have a problem but I am loving every minute of it!

  7. Wow Claremont! Awesome.. I've heard this is a hard one!!

  8. Yes, I too have this addiction. It's only slightly less expensive than the cigarettes I used to be addicted to. :)

  9. I'm sorry, but I will only fuel this addiction!

    Look up a raced called the "American Triple T." I'm looking into doing that in October.

  10. sounds like an okay problem. Laughing at Quinton's comment at the top! :)

  11. Aren't addictions glorious?! Enjoy all your races.

    Gotta run.

  12. Dude, that Ronald McD is going to make me lose sleep at night.
    Good job with your 70.3. The conditions sound a bit terrible to say the least.
    Also I just realized that about 88 years ago you commented asking about adventure racing. To answer your question briefly, the distances for each discipline vary from race to race. Generally there's biking,trekking/running on trails and a kayak/canoe. Sometimes there's also climbing thrown in. Your team navigates together from checkpoint to checkpoint and genreally the course map isn't given out any sooner than the night before the race if not a few mintues before the start.