Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cursed Bike

The evil, cursed bike.  Stear your eyes from it.  Don't look it in the face.
My bike (who recently had a name change to Daemon) has been nothing but problems since the day I have bought it.  It has had a broken chain, multiple exploding and flat tubes, derailleur issues, wrong fittings, etc.  I am starting to think it is cursed.  How do you fix a cursed bike?   Throw holy water on it, exorcism, call Father Lankester Merrin, etc? Any suggestions? Any ideas for a bike name change? 


  1. Maybe it just hasn't liked the names it's had and like a toddler, it's throwing a hissy fit.

  2. I'd call the thing Jezebel. Just saying...

    As for the Cannondale and flat tubes thing...Mine is having the same issues...hmmmm...

  3. Suggestion: Don't lump it all together. The only issue with the bike itself was a poor fitting. The derailleur and broken chain could have led to each other.

    Solution: Change your tire/tube brand and consider a change on the derailleur if you continue to experience problems. Then sweet talk your bike by gently reminding it of the new parts you've given it recently. She should respond. ;-)

  4. I just had my cables changed and the damn things keeps ghost shifting! Don't talk to me about flat tires.. UGH!

  5. Any bike shop with a spine and skeletal poster has to be a little suspect...just saying.