Monday, August 15, 2011

I’m back!!

I’m back.  Sorry for the long delay since the last posting.  I am sure all 3 of you who read this blog were waiting with baited breath to know what has been going on with me.  Well it has been a busy few couple of weeks.
1)      I had a certification I had to pass for my work.  Most of my free time for about 2 weeks was take up with studying.  I passed with nearly a perfect score
2)      The family went to Sarasota, FL for vacation.  It was a nice 3 days at the beach.  I was slightly rainy and overcast all but the last day but the overcast and rain was nice because you would stay at the beach/pool for much longer without baking in the near 100 degree heat.  We hung out the at beach, read books, drank beers and just hung out.  We also went to Venice Beach, FL and found some sharks teeth on the beach.
3)      Lots of training.  I have been running 3 days a week now to try to get my running legs back.  It has been hard because FL is experience feels like temperatures from 100- 110.  Strangely you get more use to the high temperatures after awhile.  But your pace times still a MUCH lower in this heat.
4)      Bike Issues.  I broke a chain during a training ride.  Luckily I did not get hurt.  I did remove a link to get myself home but locked up the whole system and fell on my butt.  I nearly get ran over by another biker.  Angel followed me home but he blew 3 tires on the way home.  We ended up having to call his wife to come pick us up.  

 After a LBS had multiple attempts to get the rear derailleur adjusted they gave up so I have to buy a new one.  Of course they did not have a rear derailleur so I had to take it to a different LBS to fix.  Too much money later and now it is fixed.  I think I will call my bike Daemon because of all the “issues “ it has.  I think I will get a priest to do an exorcism on the bike to get rid of the evil bike spirits.
5)      I got a bike fitting.  Daemon was manipulated to fit me.  Come to find out the LBS sold me too big of a bike so I need to buy a new steam and a zero degree seat post to get the beast to fit to me. 
Today I am back at work after a one week vacation and got a ton of emails and work to catch up on.
Only 42 days left till Augusta 70.3!!


  1. YAY! You're doing Augusta?? I have friends going to that one! Good luck to you!! Running in Fl is hard, I remember. We lived in Tampa for 6 yrs. I do miss it though.

  2. Ha! I actually had just popped into your blog yesterday to see if I missed something. :)

    Glad to see you back and no fun on all the bike issues!

  3. That sounds like a possessed attempt at getting home. A broken chain and then the person following you got three flats?! Someone up there had it out for you!

    That's horrible that they sold you the wrong size. I was actually checking out a bike yesterday when I was told my bike size was too big. For a road bike ride, I think I'm fine, but for triathlon riding (aerobars), I'm too extended. So I hear ya' on needing some new posts.

    Glad to hear you're back to work and one of the first things you do is write a blog entry. Way to keep up priorities. haha!! ;)

  4. Welcome back! What crazy bad luck for the bike ride.

  5. That was one jinxed bike ride! Shame on the LBS for selling you the wrong size bike. You may get some new sore spots as you adjust to the fitting but once you adjust you'll wonder how you managed before.

  6. Glad you're back!
    Sorry to hear about the bike, always a bummer!

  7. Ahhhhhh vacation - love that.
    bummer on the bike.

    yay for lots of training!!

  8. Woo welcome back!

  9. It's fun finding shark teeth at Venice Beach. It's amazing how many there are!

    Sounds like a rough ride. At least you made it without getting run into.