Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Family Triathlon Weekend Photos

Not not easy being this cheesy!

The next Michael Phelps

T acting suprised (I love this photo)

It's a major award!

Bonnie with part of her team before she rocked the swim.
She is in the pink cap

Bonnie with her team after the race

T getting ready to swim. 
With a lost Mr HalfTRIng in the back ground.

Photos of Me
  1. Rocking the Finish
  2. Rocking the Bike
  3. A decent pic of me on the bike
  4. Sporting the magazine cover
  5. At least they covered my face to spare others
  6. Looking confused

Photos of Bonnie
  1. A little dirty from the swim
  2. On the bike
  3. Winning the run


  1. Great pics. I had never seen the magazine cover ones. Those are cool!