Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ocala Half Marathon 2013 Review

Ocala Half Marathon 2013

Nice Race Numbers

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Another year and another Ocala Half Marathon.  Ocala was first half marathon race I ever did.  That was back in 2010.  My race time was 2:33:23 and I had no knees left at the end of the race.  Two years later I would PR at this race with a 1:52:44 and felt great.  This year I completed the race in 1:55:17 and won 3rd place in my age group and there were 10 males in my age group!!

The race this year was warmer than normal.  Temperatures were in the 60s which is MUCH warmer than many other years.  It was prefect racing weather.

I always love this race.  It's small, homely and the horse countryside is really pretty (see the 2010 review for photos of the countryside).  The hills are always a pain.

The swag this year was really BAD this year. 
Only a shirt, laundry detergent sample and two Nuun samples

My pre-race meal: Mushy peas, mash potatoes with onion gravy,
two 8oz pork chops covered in a cranberry port sauce and a beer.
!!AWESOME meal!!

Mr Half TRIing after the race.

Awards table.
I love the horse awards. I want one bad.

Clifford the Big Red Dog is
not as big as I remember him.

Dude I actually won 3rd place in my age group.
There was ten males in my age group.
(I'm on the right)

My 3rd place plaque

My 3rd place horse ribbon

The Bling


  1. Congratulations!!!! My husband and I use to live north of Ocala in Alachua, FL. He managed a horse farm there and we would drive our mares down to Ocala to be bred at some of the stud farms there. Small world :) It is pretty though, all the horse farms. Not like up here in KY but still pretty. My boss was actually in Ocala for a Sale at OBS while this race was being run. He ran Boston a few years back but has been injured since.

    For a small race, those awards are nice and so is that medal! I'm digging the 70.3 hat!

  2. Well done! Got to love some good race weather - I find it always helps my performance!

  3. Great job Kevin and congrats. See you got a great time even without being there for you to chase down!! LOL--Still remeber my son saying "Dad here he comes!" Really had planned on doing it this year to try and get age group award also (which looks like I would have been in good position by my age results in both the half and full) but doing both Half and Full at Disney for basicallly free was to good to pass up so had to give up on doing Ocala. Plaque and Ribbon is great awards, but what did they give out the Horse trophies for? Thought used to give those out for all age group awards which is what I wanted also bad!!