Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2012 Year End Review

2012 Year End Review

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About this time every year I like to look back on what I have accomplished athletically because it is so easy for me to forget. 

At the beginning of 2009 I could not run to the car (nor would I have wanted to).  I hated running.  I thought a 10 mile bike ride was REALLY long.  Swimming over a mile was only for escaping Alcatraz prisoners (and impossible).  I was never been an athletically gifted person.  It is amazing at what I have done in a few short years. 

In 3.5 past years I have completed:
  • 18  Half marathons
  • 8    Half Ironmans
  • 103 Laps a Lucky's Lake Open Water Swim (103 km)
  • 1    Century Cycling Race
  • 2    Metric Century Cycling Races
  • 1    Ultra marathon (30 miles)
  • 1    30K run (15 miles)
  • 4    Olympic Triathlons
  • 10  5K, 10K, 15K runs (217 miles total)
  • 1    Sprint Triathlons
  • Lost 37 lbs - Burned 129,500 calories (647.5 Krispy Kreme Glazed Donuts)
  • Blog had a world record number of spelling errors and grammar issues.
If my math is right that means in 3.5 years of ONLY races (not including training) I have done the following:
  • 77.8 Miles Swimming
  • 823.6 Miles Cycling
  • 630.5 Miles Running
That is a 1531.85 mile triathlon in racesThat's half the distance across the United States (from Maine to California).  I now am going to call myself a Half Amerithoner. :-) 

This year I completed:
  • 4 Half Ironmans
  • 4 Half Marathons
  • Ran an average of 20 miles every week
  • Swam an average of 90 minutes a week
  • Biked an average of 60 miles a week 
  • I now weigh the same as when I left high school in mid 1990's!! 


  1. Half Amerithoner! Genius!!! That needs to go on a shirt!

    It looks like you had an epic year! And to be back to 90's weight!! Plus having the new perspective of what's possible. It's such an amazing journey!!

    Looking forward to another awesome year!

  2. You've had some great years and a very good 2012, well done! Keep it going for 2013!