Monday, January 14, 2013

Volunteering at Disney Marathon

Volunteering at Disney Marathon (Goofy Medals)

My volunteer pass

Bonnie and I volunteering 

This weekend the family volunteered at the Disney Half and Full Marathon. 

On Saturday, Triston and Bonnie volunteered for the SWAG tent where all the people who could not finished the race had to go before leaving.  She said there were buses full of people who had to be picked up from the race and not complete it.  These people could not finish for various reasons (lack of training, injury, time cut off, heat exhaustion, sickness etc).  Bonnie was worried this would be a sad place to volunteer but she had fun and many of the runners where in good sprites after the initial shock wore off. 

LOTS and LOTS of Goofy medals

On Sunday, Bonnie and I volunteered to hand out the Goofy medals at the end of the race.  There were 10,000 Goofy runners.  There were also about hundred "Perfect Goofys" (people who have done the Goofy race all 20 years) and about a hundred who have done the marathon for 10 or 20 years.   

The famous Half-Fanatic Dave M.

I knew several bloggers and friends who were doing Goofy so I was excited to see and meet them.  Bonnie and I saw her old coach and many running friends.  I also got to meet and give my blogging friend Silly Girl Running her Goofy medal.  She was surprise when I called out her name and gave her her medal.  She could not believe I found her in the crowd and said hello.  Silly Girl lives "across the pond" and I thought I would never get to meet her.

Silly Girl Running and Mr Half TRIing

Volunteering for Disney was fun but I don't know if I would ever do it again.  They do give you a free Disney ticket for volunteering a full shift but I am not sure it is worth it.  We started our eight hour shift around 5:30 am.  When we arrived they gave us a brown bag that contained nuts, cookies, a granola bar and chips.  That was supposed to be our meal from 5am till 3pm.  I hate to say it but at the end of the race it looked like the runners got even worse.  We even had to remind our Disney "volunteer team lead" that we had no water in the FL heat.  She acted surprised told us to go and get it.  Then act check out they ran out of tickets and wanted up so stand out in the FL heat for another 45 minutes instead of standing in the tent. I refused and stayed in the tent.

Our friend Trung
with Try With Sway.

One thing I did learn this weekend is that everyone gets a medal at the Disney race.  If you did not complete the 13.1 or the 26.2 you still got the medal.  If you did not completed the Goofy the staff told me they get an "I tried Goofy medal" (which I would love to see because I have never seen one).

The easiest way to get a Goofy medal

Look what I "won"

Anyone want a Goofy

Apparently, she ran the Goofy about
50 times that day.

My best Mr T impression.
Those were heavy.

A crazy Marathon Manic tattoo.

El Chapulín Colorado LOL
(see here for details or search YouTube)



  1. Good volunteer report----8 hour shift....that's crazy. Was the ticket for the same day or could you go back anytime??

  2. Kevin sorry I missed you. I was just doing the Marathon but a friend broke his ankle (bad for him-great for me) and let me have his bib so I "unofficially" did the Goofy Challenge. Ran Half with some his family to help "slow" pace them to get them to the finishline. Then did the Marathon with a "character picture adjusted" finishing time with stopping for photos about 12 times. Since I knew it probably would be my only time doing Disney with the high price, early wake up, long walks to start, etc... the plan was to have fun and mission was completed! Sorry I missed you thou maybe you could have unofficially handed me a goffy medal-HA!

  3. I have a few friends that want to do the Goofy challenge. Heck , me included. That does suck though about them giving you the ticket and it not being worth it. Volunteering in the FL heat minus water is not OK. You would think that Disney would not only have water but have specially filtered magic water for everyone flowing from perfect cartoon fountains.

    I CAN NOT believe someone got that marathon manic tattoo. That logo stinks.

  4. Oh man I wish I had known you guys were out there! I ran the half on Saturday and cheered for Spike and his cousin who did Goofy on Sunday!!! Thank you for volunteering, I know it couldn't have been all fun with how hot it ended up being both days.