Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 Year In Review

2013 Year In Review

About this time every year I like to look back on what I have accomplished athletically because it is so easy for me to forget.

At the beginning of 2009 I could not run to the car (nor would I have wanted to). I hated running. I thought a 10 mile bike ride was REALLY long. Swimming over a mile was only for escaping Alcatraz prisoners (and impossible). I have never been an athletically gifted person. 

I am amazed and proud of what I have accomplished in a few short years. 
This Year I Completed
  • 3 Half Marathons
    • SwampHouse Half Marathon FL
    • Ocala Half Marathon
    • Space Coast Half Marathon
  • 1 Marathon
    • Jacksonville Bank Marathon
  • 4 Half-Ironmans
    • Miami Main 70.3
    • Ironman Miami 70.3
    • RocketMan 70.3
    • HITS Ocala 70.3
  • 2 Century Rides
    • Soles 4 Souls (Cycling) FL 100mi 
    • Champions Ride (Cycling) FL 100mi
  • Started swimming Masters swims three days a week for an average of 7 miles swimming a week.
  • I now weigh the same as when I left high school in mid 1990's!! (sometimes less).
  • Blogged a world record number of spelling errors and grammar issues!!
2013 Total Race Distance: 346.7 miles

In 4 past years I have completed:
  • 21 Half marathons
  • 12 Half Ironmans
  • 105 Laps a Lucky's Lake Open Water Swim (105 km)
  • 3 Century Cycling Race
  • 2 Metric Century Cycling Races
  • 1 Ultra marathon (30 miles)
  • 1 Marathon
  • 1 30K run (15 miles)
  • 4 Olympic Triathlons
  • 10 5K, 10K, 15K runs (217 miles total)
  • 1 Sprint Triathlons
If my math is right, that means in 4 years of ONLY races (not including training) I have done the following:
  • 82.8 Miles Swimming
  • 1252.6 Miles Cycling
  • 749.4 Miles Running
That is a 2079.8 mile triathlon in races in 4.5 years. That means I have raced 67% of the distance across the United States (Sacramento, CA to Ocean City, MD).

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  1. Another awesome year to be proud of Kevin. Way to go!

  2. WOW. Just WOW. This gives me inspiration, because I had hoped to accomplish a lot more before 40, and I'm already losing steam. But you are, you know, over 40, right? So maybe there is (race) life after 40 ;) I tease, I tease...