Monday, June 20, 2011

iMuscle iPhone Appplication

iMuscle iPhone Appplication
This weekend I purchased the iMuscle application for my iphone.  For $1.99 this has got to be the coolest application for your training.  The application shows a 3D image of the human body’s muscle group.  You can click on any muscle and the application will zoom in on muscle.  It will then show you exercises and stretches specifically for that muscle.  You can then mark any of the exercises and stretches and save them in your workout plan for when you go to the gym.  These exercises and stretches are animated and directions are provided on how to properly perform them.  This is really cool if you are having nagging issues and do not know how to fix them in the gym.
It hurts right there!

I had a muscle on my shin that always hits when I run.  I had no idea what it was called.  Well, I used that application and it is called the tibialis anterior.  IMuscle provided me with several exercises and stretches that I now plan to use to make this pain go away. 
Exersise to build that muscle.
Why does my butt not look that good? 

Oh no yoga!!
Next thing you know I will be eating quinoa
and wearing hemp clothing!

I also had a pain near my gluteus maximus and the application determined that muscle was call bonnieus paininthebuttis.  Unfortunately, iMuscle there was no suggestions on how to minimize that pain .  It seems to be a common pain that men suffer all the time. 
This iPhone application is well worth the money and should help with your training.  I found it really cool just to play with.  There is an even cooler version for the iPad.

Dude needs a serious tan!


  1. OK, I am sold. Getting it right now. Thanks.

  2.'ve got me: I'm getting that one. For the Ipad. Should work, right?

    And hemp clothing? I'm already wearing that. Ha! ;)