Monday, June 27, 2011

Training Days of Summer

Last weeks training:
Mon: 1 Hr Chest
Tue: 1 Hr Legs & 45 Min Triceps
Wed: 1 Hr Back & 1 Hr Swim
Thr: 45 Minutes Biceps
Fri: Off
Sat: 200K Swim
Sun: 43 Mile Bike Ride & 1 Hr on the treadmill
I hit the weight training hard this week.  The last two 70.3s were to close together for keeping a good base at the gym.   Everything I have done this week indicated my body still has not recovered.  I am not sore from the races but I just lose energy quicker than normal.  I started taking my protein again.  I stopped for a while because the thought of drinking any more of it made my stomach turn.
My gym week as kind of disappointing because of the lack of power.  My back and chest did not suffer but my triceps are really bad.  I lost a lot of my power in them.  When I did them this week I was sore for about 4 days.  I also did legs this week and was surprised I was not sore.  Last week my chest was sore for about 3 days
I am having a really hard time trying to get my runs in.  Early morning is hard because of work.  Lunch time is hard because I like to hit the gym and the outside temperatures are in the high 90s.  It’s just too darn hot to run outside.  Even after work it is in the mid 90s.  I may have to start hitting the treadmill more often.
How and when do you get your run training in during the super hot days of summer?


  1. I'm with you. I love running in the morning, even though it means getting up at 4:20, but that only gets me a short run. Anything over an hour and it's going to have to come at night, and while it's good for me to get out in the heat so I will be prepared for race day, I find it hard to do. Way to go on all the ST though...that's something I never get done.

  2. It's just too wet to run here where I am. I've been spending a whole lot of quality time with the treadmill!

  3. I avoid the "mill" as much as possible. While I do like running mid-day because I know I have to get used to the heat or suffer during the race, I tend to do more in the evening on my days off or mid-morning on my work days (I work 1p-10p).

  4. In this heat I really have no choice: it's either getting up at 5 AM to get my run in (and I'm NOT a morning person) or hitting the mill. Yep...the mill it is. And we both know how I feel about treadmills...