Thursday, June 9, 2011

Throwback Thursday - Lazy Days of Summer

Remember those 1980's old plastic chairs? 
Remember how they ALWAYS folded up on you?
Remember how your body would stick to them?
Remember how they never would fold out correctly?
Remember the horizontal marks it left on your body? (Thanks Christi)

The lazy days of summer are coming fast and the temperatures here in Florida are hitting the low to mid 90s.  I figured I would do a summer throwback picture. 
Here I am in the mid 80’s chilling poolside with Bugs the bunny.   He’s enjoying a carrot and I was probably enjoying a cold strawberry soda (darn god I loved those as a kid).  I’m sporting the way radical (and stereotypical) 80’s sports shorts with the white trim.  It seems like everyone had those same shorts in the 80’s.  Look how blond my hair was.  I swam nearly every day as a kid so it was bleached out from all the sun and chlorine.  My god I was skinny.
This Sunday the whole family will be participating in the Clermont tri events.  Triston will be doing the duathlon (5K 20K 5K), Bonnie will be doing the Olympic and I will be doing the 70.3.  It should be a ton of fun.  How will you be enjoying this summer weekend?


  1. I remember those chairs. The thing I remember most is that they left the marks on your legs and back from the strips. Nice!

    Have a great weekend! I wish your family the best at their races!

  2. I swear you look just like my brother in that picture! Same blond hair and skinny little body. :)

    Good luck this weekend! How fun to have all of you out there!

  3. Definitely remember those chairs but my drink of choice was cream soda. As for this weekend, I'll be torturing myself on a massive brick workout and my wife will do her first triathlon.

    Sounds like y'all will have a heck of a weekend! Looking forward to the recap. Good luck!

  4. i remember ours were always missing a few strips...which meant that no matter how you tried to sit down...something...a leg, an arm...something was going through.

  5. Hahahaha! Remember those chairs! Always got some strange sort of pattern on my legs from those awful things! :)

  6. oh my gosh! Those chairs! I remember my family had this one chair that had one of the plastic straps busted right where your butt rested so we would always get wedged in :)