Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Jacksonville Bank Marathon Review 2013


Jacksonville Bank Marathon Review 2013

On Sunday, I completed my first marathon in a long time. I was not planning on doing this marathon but my wife convinced me a few days before the event that we should do it.  This meant no taper time from last weeks 24 mile run but the race is only about 5 miles from my best friend’s house in Jacksonville so it was not hard to convince me to do the race. I love visiting him.

The night before the race, I treated my friend and his wife to dinner at Culhanes Irish Pub in Atlantic Beach, FL (near Jacksonville). This place is AWESOME! It was featured on Guy Fieri’s “Diner, Drive-ins and Dives” on the food network. It was also honorable mention as the best Irish Pub in America, top 10 restaurants in Jacksonville.

I got the “Fingle Fish Pie” (Fresh cod, shrimp, salmon, diced potatoes and peas in a garlic seasoned Parmesan cream sauce, crusted with cheddar cheese) and Bonnie got the “Guinness Beef Stew” (Certified Angus Beef braised in Guinness beer and slow cooked with barley, baby portabellas, carrots and onions in savory gravy. Served over diced potatoes.). Both meals were unbelievable. We also got the bread pudding and a beer or two for desert. It was a great pre-race meal. Bonnie had to roll me out of the place but I slept like a baby.

The race started on Sunday at 7:00 am. The forecast called for a 70% change of severe thunderstorms till around 3:00 pm. Not a good sign. The race temperature was in the mid 70s with humidity through the roof.

Thirty minutes into the race the rain started. Then about 10 minutes later the monsoon rains came down!!  It rained pretty much the entire race. It varied on and off from sprinkling to monsoon throughout the entire race.

The race goes through some of the richest neighborhoods in Jacksonville, FL.  You run through multi-million dollar neighborhoods with a ton of trees.  It is an absolute gorgeous race.   

The race was well supported. Every two miles there were aid tables and porta-potties. The aid stations have water, Gatorade, Power Gels (the typical aid stations). One of the house owners came out and was handing out margarita samples. I made it a point to stop both times at this “aid-station” and get my samples. :-)

I will be doing this race again next year. It was a ton fun and it was nice to stay at my best friend’s house.

Chip Time: 4:25:21
Half Split Time: 2:04:34
Pace: 10:10

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Friday, December 27, 2013

Jacksonville Bank Marathon - The Unexpected Marathon


Jacksonville Bank Marathon - The Unexpected Marathon

Somehow my wife was able to convince me to do the Jacksonville Bank Marathon this weekend with only one week to register.  In her defence it never takes too much poking and prodding to get me to do a race. 

This will be my first "official" marathon.  Officially I have never done a marathon but I did do a 30 mile ultra run about 3 years ago.  Bonnie says that does not count (she is strange like that).

The only issue with this race is I have not properly tapered.  I've been training for the "26.2 With Donna" marathon and last weekend I did 24 miles.  I don't expect this weekends time to be great.  I don't think my legs will be properly rested.  We'll see..

Maybe I will get to meet the Discom-Bob-ulated Running blogger.  My wife reads her blog all the time.  She will be running this race also. 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Space Coast Half Marathon 2013

Space Coast Half Marathon 2013
My Canadian friend and me.
This is what racing is all ABOOT, eh!!
Last weekend was the Space Coast Half Marathon.  This was my first race back from my back to back half ironmans (which were about three weeks ago).    I also started training for my February marathon the week before this race.  Last week I did 18 miles with a crazy friend of mine who is doing Ultra-man Florida (a 320 mile triathlon).  Needless to say my legs are not completely back.
I will not bore you with a race review (see below).  I have already done three previous reviews for this race.  I will just say this is a great race!!
I improved my race results this year by 9 HUNDREDTHS of a second. LOL 
13.1 Race Results
2013 1:53:30 
2010 1:53:39 
2011 2:04:01 
2010 2:07:47 
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