Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Chad's Fight with Leukemia (Chad's Tri Blog) - Inspiring

Chad's Fight with Leukemia (Chad's Tri Blog)

A few posts ago I wrote about Dana Casanave an amazing women who is running 52 marathons in 52 weeks for orphans in Africa (52 Beginnings).  Today I stumbled upon another blog that is truly inspiring for a different reason.  The blog is about one man whose life was unexpectedly changed overnight when he discovered he has leukemia.

While surfing blogs I stumbled upon Chad's Tri Blog.  Expecting the typical blog I first started scanning the posts to see if it was someone I wanted to learn more about.  Chad is a family man in his 30’s with two kids and a wife.  He participates in triathlons to stay in shape.

One day while on a business trip he started feeling ill.  He figured he had caught something on the plane but after a week he still felt crappy.  He went into the emergency room and had some blood count work done. 
The results of the blood test showed almost all his counts were zeros.  Chad had no immune system at that point.  Several more blood tests and a bone marrow biopsy later showed Chad had leukemia.

On September 3, 2010 his blog posts shift from fighting the water, bike and pavement to fighting his battle with leukemia.  After reading the fascinating progression of posts starting from Sept 3, 2010 you find out Chad is a very inspiring, strong, brave man with a great attitude.  I highly recommend reading his blog posts.

Chad WILL win his battle with leukemia and I hope one day I will see in a future triathlon.  
DKMS America

If you are interested in learn more about becoming a bone marrow donor, please visit DKMS America.  Here you can learn about the bone marrow testing and donating process.  You can also sign up to have a test kit sent to your house.


  1. What a great post! Thanks for the info and I"m on my way to check out his blog.

  2. @Ann - I'm glad I was able to send you to Chad's blog. I hope you liked it. Spread the world because Chad is an amazingly inspiring guy with a great story to tell.


  3. Very awesome!! Chad is a friend of mine and I think it is great that you immediately saw how inspiring he is. He is a wonderful person that certainly does not deserve what he is going through, but he has no choice but to accept this challenge, and he will win!!!

  4. This really puts things in perspective. Thanks for posting. And for making yourself known to me. I'm looking at triathlons (since I'm out of running at the moment), so I love it when I find a tri blog. I look froward to reading :-)

  5. @Alison: TRI are a lot more fun. The other two sports break up the running. The cross training will also help your injury and eventually your running. TRIs will help build up the supporting muscles of the legs and prevent future injury. Cross training is great for the body.

    Have fun