Monday, October 11, 2010

Strange Things You See On a Run

What the heck?

Chewie and I were going for a short run the other day when we stopped and saw this 12 inch lawn ornament.  I stopped in shock!  You either need to glue the head back on or throw it away.  That can not be good karma for the house owner.  Seriously strange!!

Chewie with Stretch Armstrong


  1. That's awesome! I see the most bizarre things on my runs too. What comes to mind is on a half I ran in August, I saw a Spiderman action figure on the path (should have stopped to grab him), and later a pair of woman's high heeled leopard print shoes.

  2. Spiderman would have been cool to pickup. Ask "Q on the Move" about those heels. I think those were the same ones from his recent post. :-)