Monday, October 25, 2010

Training: 10/18/2010 - 10/24/2010

10/18 Mon    1hr Chest
10/19 Tue     1hr Legs
10/20 Wed    1hr Back
10/21 Thu     1hr Biceps and Triceps
10/22 Fri       Off
10/23 Sat      Went hiking in the woods (cross training)
10/24 Sun      Off

This week was a heavy gym week.  I had to go out of town on the weekend so there was no swimming, biking or running.  That is fine because my knee really needed a break.  It was bothering me all last week.  I did do some hiking on Saturday so I count that as cross training

This weekend is the Florida Halloween Halfathon.  Both Bonnie and Triston will be doing this run with me.  This will be the first time our family has ran a half marathon together.  This will be Triston's first half marathon.  I hope he does better than my first 13.1.  I will do a race review on Monday or Tuesday.

If you will be at the Florida Halloween Halfathon please let me know.  I would love to meet some fellow bloggers.

My "Throwback Thursday" went over well.  Q on the Move was jealous, the girls gawked and Traci shed some more tears at what she could have had.  I will post another hottie picture on Thursday.  :-)


  1. A gym-heavy week sounds like a nice change from road work. Enjoy it.
    By the way, those iron lung pictures are awesome.

  2. @Chad: I try to do gym work during the week and road work on the weekends.