Monday, October 18, 2010

Training: 10/10/10 - 10/18/2010

10/10 Sun     36 mile Cycling with the Freewheelers (B Ride)
10/11 Mon    Off
10/12 Tue     1hr Chest and Core
10/13 Wed    1hr Back
10/14 Thu     Off
10/15 Fri       2K Open Water Swim & 11 mile run (Brick)
10/16 Sat       54 miles Cycling Clermont Hill Training (B ride)
10/17 Sun      32 mile Cycling with the Freewheelers (C Ride)

This week had some great cycling training.  I fought the hills of Clermont and I also had some high speed flat training (average 21 mph).   I think I need to get a new seat for my bike because my backside was really sore from the bike saddle.

Don't Kill Me!!

I have to confess.  On Monday I cheated on my diet.  I went to the new Chinese buffet at lunch time but I tried to eat well and not stuff my face.

From the Nose Bleed Seats

On Thursday night the family went to a preseason Orlando Magic basketball game in our new arena.  The new arena was really nice but the seats had no leg room and no starters were played so it was kind of boring.

Friday’s weather was great. It was in the 70s and was wonderful for training so I did a 2K swim and 11mi run brick.  The morning temperature was in the 50’s so the swim was a little cold.  The water temp was 82 degrees so I felt much better after I got into the water.  I am trying to avoid buying a wet suit so Mother Nature needs to cooperate this year.  I got bored on the run so my time was not great but it was a very pleasurable run.


  1. YAY for Chinese buffet. I'm all for Chinese buffet twice a year. :)

  2. @EMZ: Only twice a year?!? Darn you need to get out more. :-)