Monday, January 31, 2011


Mr Half TRIing Cycle Training
I've been kicking up my training lately.  Last week was another great training week for me. 

Monday Lunch - 1hr Chest workout
Tuesday Lunch - 1 hr Back workout
Wednesday Morning - 1hr Swim @ gym
Wednesday Lunch - 1hr Bicep and Tricep workout
Thursday Lunch - Off due to funeral
Friday Morning - 1hr Swim @ gym
Saturday - 8 mile run followed by a 45min swim
Sunday - 41 miles road cycling @ 18-20mph pace

Image Source

New Torture Device
I have not been able to get in the amount of cycling I feel is needed so I decided to get Bonnie and I a trainer.  We got the CycleOps Fluid 2.  Now I get to torture myself at the gym and at home.  Yippie!!  Now all I have to do is figure our how to use the darn thing? Anyone have one of these?  Do they like it?

No Throwback Thursday
Sorry but I had an event to attend so last weeks Throwback Thursday was canceled.

Blog Slacking
Sorry for the lack of updates.  I've been slammed lately and just can not seem to find the time to get a post written.  I am also lacking interesting topics.  Any suggestions?!

I showed up twice last week on EMZ's blog.  You can find me here and here.  I'm making her pretty famous :-)  I think she likes dropping my name to bring her more web traffic.  I tend to bring in the crazy people demographic.

Strange Web Stats
My top referring URL last week?!
I'm not even going to touch that one.  Nor can I figure out why I got 11 referrals from that site!  
I know my blog is a train wreck but a car wreck also?

How should I know?
Apparently I am an expert on how tight triathlon shirts should be.  They should be so tight your eyes bug out and half your beer belly shows.  I got TWO people searching Google with "how tight should triathlon shirts" that landed onto my site.  So can you help me answer their question?  How tight should they be?


  1. Wow! Someone's kicking his training into gear! Way to go!

    I had traffic from the same site (caraccident-pictures). Makes me wonder if this is a hacker or something...

  2. I have a magnetic bike trainer, I really like it but I had to get my bike shop guy to set it up for me.

    How do you see your traffic sources, I'm interested to see how people find my blog! :)

    Also, don't forget to enter my giveaway if you're interested!

  3. @Silly Girl: It could be a hacker. But it could be an indication out blogs are car wrecks.

    @Alanna: Log into your blog. Click on the STATS tab. Then click on the TRAFFIC SOURCES tab. You can then switch the time period to see the changes. Let me know what you find.

  4. LOL! I did a post about Mario Lopez and his lack of shirt and I'm always surprised by the hits I get on that. But it is a nice pic. :)

    Training looks good. I've got a bike trainer I love it! I actually got it for free which makes me love it more. My only issue is that it is very noisy. Have fun with it!

  5. I have a CycleOps Fluid trainer and I love it. Of course, don't really ask me how to use it because I don't know if I am doing it right. I just stick my bike on the thing, find a great tv show and go.

  6. Ugh... trainers. Maybe a Netflix subscription will break up the boredom a little. And is that the new Felt?!? Sweet bike! ;)

  7. You are really training hard, well done! I don't cycle so can't help with the trainer. I've had some strange sites show up in my stats as well. No clue how that works. Have a great week!

  8. That picture is ridiculous...
    ...and I love it! Thanks for the smile :-)

  9. I have an old Cyclops and I'm guessing they've changed by now! But it's sure handy to have a bike in the basement.

    The tighter the better on the shirts, right?

  10. The tricycle picture is kind of creepy. Everything is else "thumbs up" "like"

  11. I have a trainer (a Trackstand fluid trainer) and I like it a lot. I have a few spinning/biking DVDs that I sometimes use, sometimes I make a playlist and just listen to music while spinning for an hour or so.

  12. Great job with the consistency. Bike trainers are fun and no fun, depends on my attitude that day. Sounds like you have the right one, torture :)

  13. @Julie: Free is always nice. Mario Lopez? LOL I get nothing but people looking for EMZ and spandex.

    @Christi - I hate TV but I have a feeling I will be watching a lot of it while on the trainer.

    @Pretend this is real: I may need to get a Netflix subscription. I wish I had a Felt.

    @Johann: Thanks. You should take up cycling. You have a lot of open space to ride in Africa.

    @Julie: Thanks

    @MissZippy: I live in FL what's a basement? ;-)

    @TRI714: LOL

    @Laurie: I think I may need to download some more music.

    @Tortuga Runner: Torture is the key word. Maybe I can install a beer holder on my handle bars.