Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Workout Overview

Training Update: 
Training Update
 Last week was a great training week.  Getting up early has really helped me to set my training up.  The swim practice is helping me to convert from a breast stroke to a freestyle stroke which will help save some of my leg energy during the upcoming 70.3s (Florida and Augusta).

Monday Morning - 1hr Cycling Class @ gym
Tuesday Morning - 1hr Chest workout

Wednesday Morning - 1hr Swim @ gym
Wednesday Lunch - 1 hr Back workout
Thursday Lunch - 1hr Bicep and Tricep workout
Friday Lunch - 1hr Swim @ gym
Saturday - 41 miles road cycling with a B pace group
Sunday - Ran the Ocala 13.1

I'm Famous!
Mama, always said I would be famous someday and that day is today!

It's a pretty strange feeling when you go to read someone elses blog and there is a picture of your ugly mug in their post.  If I would have known my mug was going to be on a famous blog I think I would have at least shaved.  Check me out on EMZ's blog post here.  I'm mentioned right after the comments about her leaving her phone in the refrigerator next to her pickles and left over lemon.  That's quite the story to follow. :-) 

For those of you interested I will be available after the post for autographs.  Only one per person please and have your photos ready.

This ranks right up there with getting placed on Caution Redhead Running's TRI-Nuts blog roll.  You can see my blog post about that here.



  1. Wow, what a week of training! :) And you're worthy, Kevin, you're worthy. ;)

    And I'm honored to be following the blog of the Hulk's baby brother! Or did you just photoshop your head on someone else's body? ;) ;)

  2. I'm a scorpio...you ever see a spider swimming? Haha...I was about a month away from my first triathlon (a 70.3) before I learned freestyle. You have so much time and will rock it. Congrats on your half too. Not that you need it ... walk in the park, right?

  3. Great training.It appears your favoring your right bicep over your left. lol !!

  4. @Silly Girl - Nope! That's the real me. All the other pictures you have seen was my head Photoshoped onto some small dudes body. That way all the massive amount of women stop sending me love emails. :-)

    @Kristina - I hope it will be a walk in the park but I have a feeling it will be hard as heck.

    @Stacy (aka UltraPrincess) - Thanks for stopping by and commenting. It is always nice to see a new face making comments.

    @Chrisi - Thanks you

    @TRI714 - I noticed the same thing. I will have to work on getting the right bicep bigger. The problem is I ran out of weights at the gym. :-)

  5. my goodness - your training week puts me to shame!!! Must. find. new. motivation. ASAP ;)

  6. Wow - you're a machine! I had to stop by after the reference on EMZ. ;)