Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Miscellaneous Musing

Miscellaneous Musing

I've had writers block all week so I figured I would post a miscellaneous musing post of random things. Is it bad that some of my posts are not triathlon related?

Where is Q on the Move?
Has any one seen Q?  I miss reading his blog.  Has he permanently stopped blogging?  I hope not because he was a great blogger and will be missed.
Where is "Q on the Move"

Ocala 13.1 Half Marathon
This weekend I will be running the Ocala Half Marathon with Triston. I love this race so it should be fun.  Last year it seriously kick my butt and I finished almost crying because my knees hurt so bad.  I plan no not repeating that issue again this year.  Here is my review of last years race.  If anyone plans on running this race this weekend please let me know.  I would love to meet you.

Rough Morning Start
So this morning I got up at 4:50 AM and headed to the gym for a chest workout. All went well till I started to get dressed.  I had to bring more clothes than normal because today is dress-up day at work.  This means I have to dress up super fancy and sit in my cell where no one will ever see me.  I could be wearing my yellow Sponge Bob pajamas and no one would ever know but I am still required to wear something fancy.  Before I left home I triple checked I had everything to get ready at the gym.  So I am getting dressed at the gym when I noticed my pants are a little loose.  I mean really loose.  Like pants on the ground loose.  Not ghetto pants on the ground but like suit pants on the ground loose.  I was really looking like a fool. Not being one to set a new office fashion trend I had to quickly drive to Walmart to get a belt. 


I thought "I will stop at Starbucks today to turn this morning around" when I get a phone call from Bonnie who was in a bad mood for various reasons and needed someone to vent with.  No biggie.  I hope her day turns around.

I got my coffee and went to work.  I got off on the wrong floor and while doing so spilled coffee on my white dress shirt.  Apparently I wanted to wear the coffee more than I wanted to drink it.  I will be absorbing my caffeine through osmosis.  Doh!! 

Morning Gym
I've started going to the gym nearly every morning at 4:50 AM.  I am not a morning person but I seriously need to start getting in more swimming, biking and running before my 70.3 in May.  I am starting to feel old because I am trying to be in bed at 9:00 PM every night.  So tired!! MR HALF-ZOMBIE !!

New Best Friends
I consumed two new best friends this weekend.  Let me introduce them to you.

It's beer and a Yoo-Hoo! (Image Source)

Southern Teir Choklat Imperial Stout - It's like drinking an 11% Yoo-Hoo beer but in a good way.  Every time you take a sip you first taste stout then about 2 seconds later the Yoo-Hoo factor kicks in.  I am ashamed to say it is great.  See a review here

Yummy!! (Image Source)

J.K.'s Solstice Cider (Limit Release) - I am a hard cider buff.  I hate them sweet and I have not found an American brewer who can make a cider taste good.  This is sad because early America was known for its hard cider.  It was much more popular than beer.  But this cider is truely awesome!  It is not to sweet or over spiced. And it is USDA organic. It's limit release so do NOT buy any.  I want it all for myself.


  1. LOVE the milk carton! Where is Q??

  2. I got up on the wrong side of the bed today. Sounds like u did to:). It's going to end with good news.

  3. I was wondering about Q myself the last couple of days.

    The only thing I dislike about training for 70.3 is how tired I can get and how the kids don't care that I'm tired...and I don't blame them!

    AI starts tomorrrrrrrrooooowwwwwwwwwww :-)
    I'm interested to see how it goes without Simon. Husband says he will no longer be watching :-(

  4. @Bonnie - Let hope! :-)

    @Julie - Which 70.3 are you training for?

  5. Choklat Imperial Stout I will have to find some of that for the hubby. He loves Stouts. Me not so much. I prefer my amber ales.

  6. @Christi - Try Fat Tire by New Belgium. It's a great Amber Ale.

  7. Pac Crest!

  8. @Julie - That looks like a blast. There is every kind of race imaginable (other than a cycling century) that weekend. You doing all the races?! ;-)


  9. 4.50...in the a.m.??? oh god - I dont think my gym is even OPEN at that time!!!

    oh...and in case you were wondering...our household may just be in possession of a can of SPAM....which may just make an appearance in some shape or form for dinner tonight...challenge accepted :)

  10. @Lisa (bakebikeblog) - I thought you did not eat meat (I am not sure SPAM qualifies as meat anyway). If you can make SPAM look as good as everything else you cook I will be truly amazed.


  11. Dress up day? In a cube? Terrible. I had a job where only a few other people (workes, not clients) saw me and we basicallty had to dress up ever day. It was the worst job I ever had.

  12. Kevin ~
    I'm doing the 1/2 IM!!
    Here's a great video of the course

    My dad and his cousin are doing the 1/2 duathlon.
    My MIL and SIL are doing the 1/2 marathon.
    My son and daughter are doing the kids triathlon with all their cousins.
    My daughter is then doing the 1 mile run on Sunday.
    I'm still working on the other 10 or so relatives that will be there that weekend...and I'm betting I get them all to commit to something :-)

    It is a GREAT time!

  13. Ummm yea..I'm old...bed at 9... :)

    I really prefer to workout in the morning if I can I to easily talk myself out of the evening workouts.

  14. Those beers look *divine*

    And kudos to the early workouts. Something that I have yet to master.

  15. LOL I love the milk carton!
    I'm with Christi, amber ale, pale ale YUMMY!
    My husband is always signing that stupid pants on the floor song, it's hilarious.

  16. @Julie - That is awesome to see so much of the family doing races together.

    @One Crazy Penguin - They were pretty good. You should try the,

    @Tortuga_runner - Try Fat Tire Amber Ale its great. To much hops in IPA for me.

  17. Thanks for checking out my blog Kevin! I would lke to meet your 2 new besties! Ha!

    Is the May half your first??

  18. @Jess at Blonde Ponytail: Yes, May will be my first HIM. I am also doing the Augusta HIM in September. Do you do tris?


  19. good luck this weekend! and i'll have to try and remember that cider, can't do beer anymore, but i'd be game for seeing if cider won't trouble my tummy!