Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Strange Search Keywords

Strange Search Keywords in Traffic Sources

Okay, this is not training related but it is blog related and is kind of funny in a strange way.

Has anyone ever viewed the Search Keywords in your Traffic Sources area?  I review mine every so often and I am sometimes amazed at the search terms people are using to get to my blog.  Most of the search terms I understand but some of them leave me dumb founded.  How is Google associating these search terms with my blog?

"1980s running looks" & "1980s training in spandex" - Apparently I have the 1980s look down and people are flocking to me to see how to dress up for Halloween.

"Courtland high school va streven white" - What?!

"Q on the Move" - I am glad to know that three people really did not want to read my blog.  They really were looking for Q on the Move.  How could you ever get us confused?!  I am the hot looking one.

"1980s happy feet tub socks pics" - Apparently I attract weirdos with "1980s happy feet tub sock" fetishes.

 What kind of weird Search Keywords are in your Traffic Sources?


  1. Ha! I'll be sure to share my search keywords. Too freakin' funny! :)

    'like that's going to happen'
    'silly running outfit'
    'my wife is a silly girl'
    'angry child'
    'mommy running' (I do not have kids, by the way, so this one's just weird)

  2. That is crazy! I have to check that out on my blog.

  3. Looking at the keyword search is one of my all time favorite things to do... you wouldn't believe some of the things that lead to my blog. Just think any crude thing about a redhead and it lands people to my place!

  4. Ohhh I can totally relate to Morgan. I'll have to go check mine out and see what they are! : )

  5. I need to check this on mine. not sure how but....... I'm sure it'd be humorous or possibbly scary....ya, I may not look.

  6. Oh, this could be interesting! I'm going to check it out now. :)

  7. Ha, this is funny. I'll have to check this out. Um, and now I really have to go check out this Q on the Move that everyone is talking about! :)

  8. @All - After you check let me know what you find. If you use blogger or blogspot you can check by: Logging in Then going to DESIGN. Then select STATS from the tabs. Then click TRAFFIC SOURCES. Scroll to the bottom. I usually switch between the time periods to see the various search terms (at the top of the screen).

    @Morgan - somehow that does not surprise me

    @Silly Girl - "like that's going to happen" and "Angry child" I can see that. ;-)

    @Amanda - Now I am sad. There is nothing to see there. I am much better looking. ;-)

  9. hah agreat minds think alike (re this post!!) I still am hoping that the guy who 'biked across melbourne for burger' made it :)

  10. Tube socks and spandex!! HILARIOUS!!! P.s> I love that you said you turn into a carb zombie...made my day!

  11. Too funny, I am not sure I want to know what key words come for me.

  12. PS - I most certainly accept your SPAM challenge :) Stay tuned :)

  13. @Lisa - Awesome. If you can make SPAM look awesome than you are truly are Iron Chef Blogger.


  14. hahaha! I've had some weird ones too. It's interesting to see if people actually stayed on your blog after reaching you via the weird searches too...

  15. I love your blog always fun to read. I have tagged you for a Stylish Blogger Award in my post for tomorrow. I am out of town for work so I am letting you know early.