Thursday, January 20, 2011

Throwback Thursday - How Others See Me

Throwback Thursday - How Others See Me

This is how other see me

My co-worker decided to express her artistic side and create a drawing of me.  Is this how people really see me?  Do I really have that small of a head with that BIG of a body?  I even have neck fat in this image.  I don't have neck fat!! Do I?

She said it was a great representation of me except for my nose should be bigger.  Apparently it should have been the size of the black nose to the left of my body.  She drew that black nose"to scale" to show me how big it should have been.

My drawing of her

How this whole issue started was I got really bored during one of our morning meetings.  While we were waiting to start the meeting I was "taking notes".  My notes included a drawing of her listening to music on her iPhone.  She got mad at me (not really) and she drew the image of me as payback.

I still think my drawing is much better.  She said I made her head look like a balloon.  I can not help it if her head actually looks like a balloon!  She made ME look like the hunchback of Notre Dame!

I'm a Winner!!
Alanna with Blood, Sweat and Cupcakes ran a naming "contest" for her new little cupcake buddy and I won.  You can read her two posts about her new buddy here and here. Her buddy is a cool, bad-butt biker looking cupcake with pink hair.

I thought a good name for the her little buddy would be Cool Whip. Whip for short. The name is hip and bad butt at the same time.  His pink hair also looks like a Cool Whip dollop and he looks kind of like a reformed bad butt biker cupcake turned runner.  If you make fun of his pink head he would whip your cupcake butt.

What did I win? I pick the prize behind door #1 but was surprised when I did not win the new car.  What I did win was the "bragging rights for naming the most awesome cupcake in all the land."

If you have not checked out Alanna's blog you may want to do so.  She has a pretty cool blog.  I just wish she would update it more often but she has been really busy creating/eating cupcakes, being in love (yuck) and finishing up her masters degree.

You can check out Cool Whip's friends at  Blame the Moon. My favorite is the Ice Cream Cone Thug

His name is Cool Whip or Whip for short.
He even has a pink iPod running armband

Lisa (Bake Bike Blog) - Iron Chef Spam
Why do serious posts never get comments but I mention silly things like SPAM and the comments go off the wall.  If you have not been to Lisa's blog Bake Bike Blog you should soon.  There is a little more BAKE than BIKE in her blog but she make some incredible food.

She has something called a Mystery Box.  The Mystery Box is a list of various ingredients she wants to someday use as a main ingredient in her food creationsThe stuff she makes is incredible and looks awesome.

She posted a comment about SPAM in on of my post so I made an open challenge to add SPAM to her Mystery Box.   She took me up on the challenge and created EmSPAMandasI have to say they look great and I would eat one.

Why does no one but me admit to eating SPAM.  "In 2007, the seven billionth can of Spam was sold. On average, 3.8 cans are consumed every second in the United States (SOURCE)". Apparently I am the only one who is keeping Hormel in business.

So will YOU take the Half TRIing SPAM cook off challenge?  What can you create with SPAM?  Can you do better than Lisa?  I would love to hear about your SPAM creations. 


  1. I want the cupcake he's so cool.

  2. You can check out Cool Whip's friends at Blame the Moon ( My favorite is the Ice Cream Cone Thug


  3. Hahahaha! Kevin you're hilarious!

    I will try my best to update more often and not sicken you with my luuurve.

    Thanks for naming Cool Whip, I never would have thought of such a great name!

  4. Also, I have never had spam and I have to tell you, I don't think that's gonna change :)

  5. Kevin, I figured out a small reward for your win!

    My Great Grandmothers (Coconut) Tea Buns:
    4 Cups Flour
    8 Teaspoons Baking Powder
    1/2 Teaspoons Salt
    1 Cup Sugar
    2 Eggs (Beaten)
    1 Cup Butter
    1 Cup Milk (Add to Eggs)
    1 Cup Coconut (Optional, my family always replaces this with raisins.)

    Mix BP, salt, and flour together in bowl, rub in butter with hands until course and add liquid mixture. Pat dough out on cutting board/sheet and cut into circles with cookie cutter or drinking glass. Place on backing sheet, no need to leave much space between buns. Bake in 445F degrees oven for 10 minutes, turn oven down to 400 and continue baking for 5 minutes. Feel free to add or subtract a few minutes depending on how moist/soft you prefer your buns.


  6. @Alanna: Rock on!! I want to make these ASAP.