Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I'm the King of the World!!!

Mama always said I would make it to the big time someday and my day is today!  I am officially on THE Caution Redhead Running "Tri - Nuts" blog list.  She is like "The BOMB" of running blogs.  I'M NOT WORTHY!! I'M SCUM!!! I SUCK!!   :-) 

Thank you Morgan for adding me to your blog list and all the help you have provided to me when I was getting started. And thanks for taking my poor jokes :-)

The proof that I am a blog stud!!


  1. LMAO! At least I filed you appropriately - Nuts!!! :) Keep it coming!

  2. OMGosh if I put you on my blog roll do I get a post like this too?! Would totally be worth it.

    YAY red head!!

  3. @Morgan - I think most would agree. At least Bonnie would.

    @EMZ - Nice try but you do not have a "Blog Roll" :-)

  4. I agree with Emz! You're already on my blog roll. I want a post like this too! Haha! Just kidding ;p

    Now I'm trying to figure out how Morgan can add me to hers. Maybe if I dye my hair red. ;p

  5. @Julie - LOL!! Apparently, I am more popular than I thought because there are other bloggers (other than Morgan) that have me on their "blog roll." She was the first blogger that I found out about so she gets the honers. :-) Plus, I know I can joke with her without her getting offended.

    If you dyed your hair red your blog name would need to be changed to "Hotlegs Redhead Runner" and that sounds too wordy. :-)


  6. Not sure how it took me this long to find your blog. Morgan is the bomb!