Friday, November 12, 2010

Miami Man - Wish me luck

Watch out because Mr Half TRI-ing will be at the Miami Man race this weekend doing the international distance.  Wish me luck!!  I will have a race report early next week.  Time to break out the old Miami Vice threads and hit the beach. 

Leave me a comment with the races you plan to do this weekend. 

Miami Beach


  1. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!
    im sure you will do awesome!
    no races for me until thanksgiving! and then a half in december-whooo!
    looking forward to the recap!

  2. Good luck!!! Looking forward to a race report. This race sounds like fun, I have a friend from Denver down there doing the race too... She's at if you want to check out here race report later.

  3. Good luck :)
    I am doing the Shepparton (Victoria, Australia) Hexman tomorrow morning. It's attached to the Shepparton Half Ironman that I intend to do next year :)

  4. Good luck! Can't wait to read about it. This weekend is for resting because next weekend is all about the Women's Half in St. Pete.

  5. Yes, late season triathlete !!! I love it. Good luck man. I really toyed with the idea of doing one more before the end of the year just to keep that momentum going but they all seemed to fall around Thanksgiving abd I just couldn't pull it off. So it will have to be a 5k and or 10k until February. I'm jealous, but stoked for you.

  6. Dude, they give you a bunch of free stuff at this race!! I will post a picture of it all early in the week.

    Thanks for the support.