Thursday, November 11, 2010

Throwback Thursday - Pelé

Circa 1984ish

My elementary school picture circa 1984ish.  I was around 6 years old and pimping it in my cool soccer team shirt.  Back then Pelé credited me with teaching him everything he knows.  It was tough finding time to teach Pele the basics of how to dribble and pass a soccer ball while still maintaining my image with the middle school girls. :-)

Sorry, but due to lack of comments on the Throwback Thursday posts I am going to discontinue the giveaway.  Strangely I get more comments when I do not have the giveaway.  But I will continue to post pictures every Thursday and I still would love for you to leave comments.  I always need a good laugh!

Last weeks winner of the Throwback Thursday giveaway is...  Drum roll please.. Katherine with Forward Foot Strides Please email me your contact information and I will have you pick from my bag of goodies.  You can find my email address in here


  1. Good luck with your TRI this weekend (you mentioned it on Caution: Redhead Running)!

  2. @Pretend this is Real: Thanks. I have an Olympic this weekend, a 70-100 mile cycle race race next weekend (Horrible 100), and then a 13.1 the following weekend. I'm in for a real treat of sore legs

  3. This little guy looks like a younger Mayor Clayton.

  4. Hey Kevin! Thanks for the comment on my post.

    Sounds like you are going to be on busy little boy...hee hee hee, childhood photo - little boy. Okay, I'm only funny to me. Strong legs to you, my friend!

  5. I see Pele was trained by the best. hehe ;p

  6. wow,youve got a busy few weeks ahead of you! my the leg strength gods be with you!!!