Monday, November 8, 2010

Training Update and Miscellaneous Monday

My Training 
10/31          Halloween Halfathon
11/1 Mon    Off
11/2 Tue     1hr Chest
11/3 Wed    1hr Back
11/4 Thu      1hr Shoulders
11/5 Fri       1hr Biceps and Triceps
11/6 Sat      Manually cleared 250 sq feet of sod
11/7 Sun      Unusual brick: 50mi 18-20mph bike ride followed by laying a 1.2 pallet of sod

This week was a heavy gym training week.  I changed it up this week by doing much higher reps than usual.  I also threw in a shoulder day which I never seem to get time to do anymore.  I skipped leg day because I could not feel them for at least 3 days after the race.  I figured they needed some rest.

On Sunday I did a 50 mile bike ride with a new group that rides out of the local café Bikes, Beans & Bordeaux.  This is a local café that is cycling themed and caters to cyclists. It's a great place to eat and hang out.  The cafe serves coffee, food and great beer.  I will write up a post about them soon.

This bike group was great and was fun to ride with.  They are very strong riders.  They averaged around 20mph for almost all the ride.  I thought I was recovered from last week’s 13.1 but this ride showed I was not.  I almost got dropped at one point but I caught back up and hung fairly strong.  I will definitely ride with this group again.

Chad Triathlon Blog
Chad is a triathlete who is fighting leukemia. You can read my blog about him here.  He is truly an inspiring person.  His transplant is going to happen in the next few days.  Please stop by his blog and leave him a positive and uplifting comment. His blog is here.

Florida Freezing Temperatures
Florida has hit a cold snap and I froze my but off on my bike ride on Sunday.  The temperature dropped to the lows in the 40s and high of about 63.  The wind was also whipping at around 5-13mph.  I was not prepared for winter cycling so I suffered through the ride.  Time to spend some money on winter gear.

Family Training
Saturday, Triston ran the Lake Nona 5K.  His time was much better than his previous 5Ks.  He is moving along nicely but needs to run more often to create a better running base.  He also needs to stop reading my blog at school and focus on his school work. 

The Lake Nona 5K is a pretty small race in the Orlando area.  It is held on new University of Central Florida (UCF) medical school area so there is a huge UCF presence at the race.  The marching band, cheerleaders and Knightro showed up.  There were many UCF shirts and sweaters at the race.  UCF is my alma mater so it was nice to see UCF get behind the race. 

Knightro looking cold

Bonnie did her long marathon training run this weekend.  She did 26 miles and she said it went very well.  She is training to become a Marathon Maniac ( this year.  She is also training for the Croom Trail Run (50K).

Sod Laying
Tip: training bricks that include tearing up old sod and laying new it suck big time.  It makes bike and running bricks feel like a cake walk.

Cancer Update
Here is an update to my Sad Day post.  My friend got their tumor/cancer removed on Thursday.  The surgery went well but we are still waiting for the pathology report.  Then there will be several weeks of radiation therapy.  Thanks for keeping them in your prayers and your support.


  1. Dude...who's the skinny guy in that pic?

  2. The hot looking one is me. The one in the gold costume is Knightro.


  3. Are those really your arms? Wow!!

    Bikes, beans, and bourdeaux sounds awesome! I wish we had something like that here.

    Yay for Triston in his 5k! I can't wait until my boys are old enough to run in races with me!

    I'm glad your friend's surgery went well!

  4. @Aimee: I wish those were my arms. It's a Photoshop job. That is Arnold Schwarzenegger's body in the 1980s. I pulled a practical joke on my mother and sent it to her. After she saw the photo she was concerned I was doing roids. :-)

    Arnold Schwarzenegger