Thursday, November 4, 2010

Throwback Thursday (Mini Giveaway)

Circa 1984
This photo was taken when I was about 6 years old (circa 1984).  It was taken at my mother's wedding reception. I love the 1980's powder blue suit, feathered back hair and clip-on tie.  The funny thing is I think I have a college picture just like this one.  Maybe I was practicing for my future college parties. 

!!Mini Giveaway!!   

How to enter: Leave a funny comment about the above photo.  The comment that makes me bust out laughing the most will win.  You can enter more than once.  The winner will get an item from my bag of goodies (GU, Cliff Shots, Shot Blocks, etc).  I'm poor so you get what I got.  ;-)  The winner will be announced in next Thursday's post (11/11/2010).   Have Fun!!

Can someone name where this is from?


Last weeks winner of the Throwback Thursday giveaway is...  Drum roll please..  It's a tie so we have two winners.  Aimee of I Tri to Be Me and Wells L of My Story..Chapter 2  Please email me your contact information and I will have you pick from my bag of goodies.  You can find my email address in here

I would also like to encourage you to follow my blog and add comments on my posts.  I love hearing from you guys in the internet world.  :-)


  1. "Does anyone see the green ocotopus that's coming to attack my hand? What about the (imaginary) ferret on my right shoulder that I'm petting? MUST KEEP DRINKING in order to maintain my super observational powers!"

  2. Is the screen shot
    Pro Wrestling (Nintendo Entertainment System)

  3. "Oh no, busted! Errr...I mean...they're non-alcoholic, I swear!"

  4. Ah yes...the Original "Miami Vice"...beverage AND outfit.

  5. @Q - Don Johnson had nothing on me!! I was sporting that style long before he made it cool. :-)