Friday, November 5, 2010

Reader Opinion: Road or Trail Runs??

Road Races
Trail Runs

I am going to try something new today.  Maybe it will work maybe not.

I want to hear your opinion.  Which do you prefer and why?  Road or Trail Runs?  

Personally, I prefer trail runs.  Nature makes me relaxed and happy.  I have always been an outdoors/naturalist type person.  In college I was a field biologist in limnology (study of freshwater systems).  I spent most of my college days on the water doing water samples and catching fish. My childhood was filled many days of fishing and wondering the woods around my house.  I like the slower pace and comradery of the runners.

So which do you prefer and why?  Road or Trail Runs?  Please leave me a comment with your opinion.


  1. I've always enjoyed trail runs...but I just don't do enough of them. Road runs are the easiest and most of the time I'm sneaking out of the house like a ninja to get my runs I tend to stick to the road. I also love the speed that the road gives me.

  2. Trail when possible. More relaxed, more interesting views, easier on the body.

  3. depends on your mood. I hate running on concrete or asphalt, period. I always try to stick to nature.

  4. That's a tough one. my mind, soul and eyes enjoy the trail runs for obvious reasons. But my knees and ankles don't like it much. Like BDD sai, trails are just more fun, but if I wanna stay injury free, I run on the road =)

  5. I like road races, but I love running on the trails. Unfortunately, I don't have enough opportunities to do it that often.

  6. I would love to do more trail long as they are not to hilly.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. :)

  7. just found where you stumbled across my blog,and now im stumbling on yours!!
    i LOVE trail running better,for most of the same reasons as you- as a child,i spent my summers and falls fishing and enjoying collegei ran XC and we trained in the mountains,so it is very soul soothing and peacfull! on the flip side,i also LOVE road races,just cause im competative like that!

  8. I agree with some of the comments made above. I like trails better but simply heading out the front door and jumping onto the pavement is much more simple.

    Love your blog. Surfing this evening. Definately have to look yours over some more.

  9. @Everyone: Thank you for your comments. I always love to hear from you guys in the internet world. There are many new faces I have not seen before. Thanks you for stopping by. I hope to see you again soon.