Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Chad's Transplant is ONLY 4 Days Away

Chad's bone marrow transplant is only 4 days away!!  Please stop by his website and send some encouragement.  He is really a great guy.  I saw a few of you stopped by and commented yesterday.  Thank you so much!!

The triathlon community is pretty small and we all need to encourage and support each other not only in training but when life hits us hard.  Chad has been hit pretty hard but he will pull through this as a stronger man. 

Chad is a triathlete who is fighting leukemia. You can read my blog about him here.  He is truly an inspiring person.  His transplant is going to happen in the next few days.  Please stop by his blog and leave him a positive and uplifting comment. His blog is here.


  1. A truly inspirational story. Thanks for stopping by my blog Keven. Good luck in your HIM training and I'll be following your progress (but not in a creepy way). :-)