Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Augusta 70.3 Pre-Race Preparations

Augusta 70.3 Pre-Race Preparations
I’m going to break this race recap into several “bite size” chucks. Over the years I have determined if you write anything more than about 5 paragraphs people will not read it. :-) I am also hoping to find the plug for our camera so I can get all the really good pictures posts.

I think I will paint "I love you Bonnie" in John Deer Green
 Bonnie, Triston and I drove up on Friday morning to Augusta. From our home, the ride to Augusta should take about 7 hours. I normally drive the speed limit and that drives Bonnie nuts. So Bonnie (Indian name “IronFoor”) drove so we could arrive in Augusta sooner. I believe she lapped Mario Andretti and our potty breaks looked like Nascar pit stops.
Bonnie pulled us into the finish line (registration) and she received the checkered flag. Triston and I were white knuckled, scared out of our minds and very eager to get out of the race car. Okay, so I am taking some creative liberty (but just a little).

Time for me to check in!
This was Bonnie’s first 70.3 so she was a ball of nerves. Shopping at the expo soon calmed her down. Why does shopping do that to women? We picked up our packets and posed for our LAVA pictures. People gathered around us thinking we were famous.

Stand back Andrew Potts
Look at those guns

She looks like a tennis player for some reason

We also checked out the swim start which is local boat dock. The water was pretty dirty and there was a ton of trash that was pushed up against the dock. Water weeds floated everywhere (more on that later). It was not a place I normally would pick to swim.
The Savannah River
It looks nice from a distance.

Swim Start (ignore the trash and weeds)
Bonnie’s mom and dad went to Augusta to watch her do her first race. On Friday we went to a local restaurant called RhineHarts Oyster Bar and ate dinner. I was pretty busy but there was no wait. It looked like a biker bar but the food was cheap and darn good. Bonnie team went to an Italian chain and the wait was over 1.5 hours. We had no wait so we were very happy.
Yummy food!

One big happy family
(Bonnie's parents)

While driving through downtown Bonnie noticed the town had her favorite beer, “Fat Tire”. She looked like a kick who just received a “Tickle Me Elmo” for Christmas. She was very excited but pissed because she had to wait till after the race to drink one.
The race packet was less than stellar. It contained a normal boring race shirt, a box of cereal, hand sanitizer and foot powder. Wow, Ironman went out of their way on this race swag!
Wow impressive (NOT)!!
At least my feet will not stink (much)

Bonnie with her cheezy smile

Bonnie striking a pose
(like she was not a ball of nerves)
Pre-Race Carbs

I wished they carried this brewer in Florida.
Good Stuff
Post race carbs

Kevin's post race carbs


  1. So true about the 5 paragraphs thing! No idea about how shopping is so soothing, but I do agree with it. And I'd say that your swag is pretty typical for Ironman 70.3 events. Even at the WC, that's all you got.

    Ok, appetizer finished. When's the first course?!

  2. Great start, but I'm itching to hear about the race!! C'mon!!!

  3. LOL! Yep looks like the same swag that was in my bag... I like your shirt better. :)

    Can't wait to hear about the swim in the trash. :)

  4. LOVE those Lava pics!! Looking forward to reading about the race!!!

  5. I am having a panic attack just reading about where you had to swim!! Can't wait to hear the rest.

  6. True about the 5 paragraphs. Can't wait to read the rest of the race report.

    FWIW, I drive like Bonnie and like it really cold so my family brings blankets.