Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Yep, that's me!!
Last night I was doing a short 40 minute run on the gym treadmill when an advertisement for the CNBC "Coffee Addiction" came on the TV.  Now that is just not right.  That is not even nice.  The advertisement says "The medical consensus regards caffeine as less of an addiction and more of a physical dependence."  Whatever!! Your really cutting hairs at that point!  All I want after the race is a nice Cigar City Cubano-style ESPRESSO Brown Ale.  It's the best of worlds, beer and Cuban espresso.  Both I crave after a long 70.3 day.

Great FL Brewer from my old stomping grounds of Tampa.
Running on the treadmill you notice many things.  I found it strange last night that my tapering week contains more exercising than most people do in a normal week.  I think I was the only one on the treadmill for more than 15 minutes last night.  One 20 something guy got on the treadmill yesterday and walked for 5 minutes than went to lift weights.  Why?  He certainly did not get in any cardio or raise his heart rate.  I guess looking buff is more important than being healthy.
Since this is taper week I have laid off all weight training.  I am starting to miss it.  I love weight training and take it serious.  I believe it really help with triathlon training and injury avoidance.  My normal week routine looks like this.
Monday - 1hr Chest & 1hr Swim
Tuesday -  1hr Back/Core and 1hr Treadmill Run
Wednesday –1hr Swim & 1hr Randomness (either weights or a run if I missed it on Tuesday)
Thursday- 1hr Weights & 1hr Treadmill Run
Friday - OFF
Saturday - 2-3K Open Water Swim & a Long Run (8 – 14 miles)
Sunday – Long Bike Ride (50-70 miles)
Raise, leather and repeat…


  1. I'll trade you my 7 mile progression run for a 40 minute run :) Happy taper to you!!

  2. What keeps you sane on the treadmill for an hour (besides people watching;))? It is hard for me to mentally go for that long.

  3. That sounds interesting....LOve my beer...cigars though?

    That's quite a schedule you've got!

  4. I had to gigle - as yes - that taper week is more than what most people would do in a fortnight!! Gotta love training :)

  5. Yum, that beer sounds delicious! Totally get the taper comment. If you are like me, I feel like I have lots of twinges and tweaks like the onset of an injury when I taper, I guess it's a sign of repair?

    Anyway, good luck this weekend!