Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Blog Writer’s Trinket Exchange Idea

Blog Writer’s Trinket Exchange
I had an idea and was wondering who would be interested. How about a blog writer’s trinket exchange? Those who are interested could advertise it on blog. After I obtain a list of those who are interested we could do a race trinket exchange. Each person could pick up a little something from a race, training, etc and send it to their gift partner. This could be a keychain, t-shirt, memento or just something small and cool. We could set a dollar, peso, euro, etc limit. It would be kind of like a holiday gift exchange but we could to it year round. After you send a gift to your partner you get another partner to exchange gifts with.
Leave me a comment if you are interested. We can work on details if I get enough bloggers interested.
Chewies love gift exchanges. 
He will send his favorate squeak toy!

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