Monday, September 12, 2011

My Weekend News

My Weekend News

On Saturday Bonnie and I went out to Wekiwa Springs to try out swimming with a wetsuit.  The Florida springs are the only water in FL that is not about 80-90 degrees F.  Bonnie’s team was all out there training for Augusta 70.3 or Miami Man.  The water was nice and my wetsuit fit great.  My only complaint is there was no zipper in the front of the wetsuit.  What do you do if you have to pee in those things? 
We actully look pretty good in wetsuits.
Saturday’s 45 minute swim was followed by a 13 mile run in the part.  My running is starting to get back up to par but I still not hitting the speeds I do in the winter time.  This FL heat takes a lot out of you.

!!Cheesy Smile!!

After the morning exercise the family and some teammates went to First Watch for lunch (god I love that place).  Afterwards I went on a search for a new try top.  I swear I am going to start a company who make tri tops designed for someone other than 18 year old boys.  I am a pretty fit & skinny guy and some of these tops I cannot even get on.  And if I do most of the time my belly is showing.  To make it worse ever tri top is the SAME color with the SAME design.  All are BORING!!!

Strike a pose.
Sunday was a 61 mile bike ride in the hills of Clermont.  I forgot to restart my timer after we stopped for water so I thought I only did 41 miles total.  I started to worry I was not in shape for Augusta in 14 days. One of the other riders corrected me and said his computer showed the expected 61 mile. 
Also on Sunday I went grocery shopping.  After reading the list I had to chuckle.  Bonnie must really love her turkey.  She has me getting “turkey meat”, “turkey turkey” and “turkey meat 2lbs.”  I had to call her and asked what “turkey turkey” was and how it was different than “turkey meat.”  Sometimes it’s the little things that brighten my day.  We both had a chuckle.

What is "turkey turkey"?

Also on Sunday Chewie got a bath.  He ran around the house like a mad man after he got out of the tub.
Wet, happy dog!

Hey, whatcha call me?!

What did you do this weekend?
BTW is anyone really reading this blog anymore.  I was thinking about getting rid of it.  Let me know if you still exists.


  1. If you use the wetsuit in cold temps, a number of people will actually pee in the suit to keep themselves warm. Odd, I know, but true.

    I would love to have a wetsuit going into the cooler months. What made you decide to get the one you did?

  2. What do you do if you have to pee in those things? you pee in those things...

    nice report and weekend...

  3. Great pics of the wetsuits! Yep, we are still reading so please don't go away!

  4. @Kurt & Michael - How do you stop smelling like pee all day?

    @Kurt - I have Augusta 70.3 coming up and I want to continue to swimming in the colder months. I may do Syracuse 70.3 next year and I will really need a wetsuit then.

    @Michael= There is a local tri store that the owner is a pro and really knows her stuff. I am a middle of the pack racer so I do not need anything special. I just needed it to fit properly.

    @Christi - Thanks for stopping by all the time.


  5. I'm still here! :)And reading the blog! Not always commenting, but I am reading it. ;)

    As for the peeing...uhm...I usually just 'let it go'...Or aren't you supposed to? ;)

  6. Love the photos. Sooo happy.

    And ---- my dog is Chewie too! Well I spell it "chuy" but . . .. ;)

  7. so did you get the turkey turkey ;) lol LOVE IT!