Thursday, September 8, 2011

So Tired...

Sorry for the lack of updates.  I've worked 30 hours in the past two days.  Needless to say there has been no training for those days.  I hope to pick it back up soon.

Ironman Augusta 70.3 is only 18 days away.  If you plan on being there let me know I would love to meet up with you.

This weekend is 2K swim training in the springs so I can get use to wearing a wetsuit.  The springs are the only place in FL that is cold enough to wear a wet suit.  I will follow that up with a 13 mile trailrun.  Sunday will be a 60 mile bike ride.

Last Sunday I did VQ cycling training.  We did 3 hours of the Augusta bike course on trainer.  Nothing like sitting on a trainer for 3 hours.  Although surprisingly I had a fun time.  I made it 50 miles in 3 hours which means I may be looking at a sub 3 hour bike ride for the race.  :-)

The past several weeks I have been doing my long runs on the treadmill at LA Fitness.  On the treadmill I can avoid the high 90 degree heat and have water right at my disposal.  I can also increase the pace so I can push myself.  One thing I do notice is how quickly people get on/off treadmills.  They think 15 minutes on the treadmill qualifies as cardio.

Damian (my bike) is still having derailleur issues.  I hope they do no act up during Augusta.

Will any of you be at Augusta?


  1. Have a great weekend of training!

  2. Holy wow. That training sounds intense! I find sprint tris more than long enough so no 70.3s for me :P Looking forward to the recap!