Tuesday, September 20, 2011



Hello my name is Kevin and I have a problem.  I’m addicted to coffee.  I blame it on my profession.  I am a software developer and it is a requirement (almost a rite of passage) to be addicted.  That stereotype of software geeks staying up 24 hours in front of a computer to fix your “simple issue” is completely true.  I have pulled many all-nighters in my youth.  Add on top of that I went to college and worked full time so there were many nights I pull out way to many Mountain Dews.  This was a long before they had energy drinks.  “Back in my day” our energy drinks were coffee, espresso, Mountain Dew and Jolt (if you had a really big problem).  Well I kicked the soda addiction by I have not kicked the coffee addiction. 
This week is taper week so I am staying off the caffeine so I will be well hydrated for the race.  Bonnie tried to stay off the coffee but didn’t make it past the first day.  She only made it to 3:00 pm Monday. HeHe!!  She is more addicted than me (but not by much).
Oh what I wouldn’t do for a double espresso right now…..


  1. I see nothing wrong w/ being completely addicted to coffee.. I'm "new" to your blog, but can't wait to see how you do w/ your upcoming races!!!

  2. I miss coffee. Decaf just doesnt cut it...........

  3. Hello, my name is Ewa and I have a problem. I am addicted to coffee

  4. Haha! I just wrote about my problem with coffee. I can't imagine life without! Power to you for giving it up! I just want to cut down to a cup a day....or maybe two.

  5. As long as you keep it to a cup a day I consider that a healthy addiction. Coffee IS good for ya!

  6. Isn't strange how serious TRI posts get no comments but posts like lack coffee get the most comments. LOL I love hearing from you guys/gals. Please comment more.