Monday, September 13, 2010

9/5/10 - 9/12/10 Training

9/5 Sun       Off
9/6 Mon      3000m Swim
9/7 Tue       1hr Chest and  Biceps (super sets)
9/8 Wed     1hr Back and  Triceps (super sets)
9/9 Thu       Off
9/10 Fri       Off
9/11 Sat      2000m Lucky's Lake Swim
                   followed by a 10 mile run
9/12 Sun     39 mile Bike BC Ride with the Freewheelers


Saturday was my first official day back into running.  Back to the Cady Way torture sessions.  It was about 95 degrees when I was running.  Not a good time to run but I wanted to get in some miles and finish a brick.  It was slow and hot.  Hopefully the heat goes away soon so running will be more enjoyable. 

BTW why do I look 8 in that picture?

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