Thursday, September 30, 2010

FREE GU!! Island Nectars 6 pack

Our friends at GU have come up with a new limited edition flavor call Island Nectars.  Are they good?!?  I have no clue but you can get it for free if you have qualified for Kona.  Well, I would have qualified for Kona this year but I wanted to give everyone else a chance at winning the race.

If you did not qualify for Kona you can still get a free 6 pack of the new Island Nectars GU with any purchase at Free Island Nectar GU
Frayed Laces describes the new flavor as "incredibly reminiscent of a Mai Tai."  She also says it's (cover the ears of any small children in the room) "frickin' delicious."  I can not imagine any GU being delicious unless it was beer flavored but a change in flavors is always great.  I plan on ordering some later today.

If you have tried this new flavor please post a comment with your thoughts.  I will post a review after I try it.

BTW: You can get even more free GU when placing your order  There is currently a special on GU Roctane.  Buy 2 Roctanes and get 1 free.  You can combine this with your FREE order of Island Nectars.  Orders over $100 get free s/h.

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