Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cycling Groups and Rides in the Orlando / Central Florida Area

Cycling Groups and Rides in the Orlando / Central Florida Area

Many people have been asking me about local area rides and groups so I decided to make a quick post.  Below are the groups and ride lists for the Central FL area (Orange, Seminole, Osceola, etc).

Hal Downings Newsletter:
Hal Downings is a local attorney who publishes a weekly email newsletter about rides in nearly all the counties in the central FL area.  His newsletter is AWESOME and he does a great job.  This is THE source for cycling rides in this area.  You will need to email him here to get onto the mailing list.  Register for his newsletter now!! An old example of his newsletter can be found here.

This is a great cycling group!!  I am currently a member of this group. Their ride schedule can be found here.  They always publish the distance and the speed with their rides so you can find one that fits your skill and abilityThey are also known to be prompt so be on time.  They are very social, friendly and inviting group.  They have riders at every level.  Even though they say on some rides "don't be afraid to be dropped". I have never seen anyone get dropped on any level ride they conduct so don't let that waver you.  They also publish the contact information of the ride leader if you have questions.  Everyone I have contacted has been prompt at answering my questions.

Armada Racing 
I am not familiar with this group but they appear to be out of the Orlando area.  They have a nice list of rides with the various groups in the area.  Click here and then click on Rides (located on top of the page).  If you know anything about this group please post a comment about them.

I have never rode with this group so I know nothing about them.  Their ride list can be found here. If you know anything about this group please post a comment about them.

Eastside Cycling Club
I know nothing about this group.  I have seen them on rides but I have never rode with them.  Their rides can be found here or here. If you know anything about this group please post a comment about them.

Windermere Roadies
Caution: if you do not consider yourself a GREAT rider don't bother showing up for their rides.  They will drop you like its hot in seconds.  These guys are good, darn good!  Their routes are tough and great.  Their Sunday rides are described as "whether you are a beginner or an experienced racer, the Sunday ride has something for you." That is a load of manure.  They are all A+ level riders on that ride and will drop you within the first 6 miles.  They also state "Marsh Road is always very fast and it's usually where the group will break up into several packs of different skilled riders"  Translation: "that is when your sorry butt will be dropped and lost".  The last ride I did with them I was dropped on Marsh Road and my 55 mile ride became 75 miles because we got lost.  This was another "Lost Boys" experience I will have to share with you one day.  Bonnie thought I was dead and she wanted to kill me when I showed up late to the house.  Angel and I were on the back of milk cartons for weeks.  Also bring bread crumbs because if you are not familiar with the area their maps are useless.  Every street has two names and some of the names they give you are not the names on the signs at the turns (example: Semoran aka SR436).  They were also not very social (at least not to us).  Not one person said hi to us and they did not hand out route maps.  Maybe they are nicer once they know you and you prove you can hang with them.  One day I hope to be at their ability. If you are REALLY FAST this is the group for you.  A list of their rides can be found here.

Local Bike Trails and Maps can be found here and at TrailLink.Com.

Local Cycling Events can be found here

Another list of rides can be found here

I may have miss some local groups.  If so, let me know and I will add them to this list.


  1. Wow, you have a lot of groups there! I wish I lived there!
    Thanks for the link to "The Kitchen of a Runner." I'm already planning on making one of his recipes!

  2. Thanks for the link to local bike trails. This will be very helpful.