Monday, September 20, 2010

Gym Update

My gym workouts have been going pretty good.  I’ve lost 20lbs in about two months.  This was not something I was trying to do it just happened.    My inter-tube is slowly disappearing.  I may be able to get one of those college frat guy stomachs if I hit my abs more in the next couple of months.  My arms and legs got ignored this week (arms because of lack of time and legs because I was starting my run training).

I’ve been doing supersets at lunch to try to get all my routines in during the week.  So far it is going well but it’s kicking my butt. You really have to stay focused and keep moving to accomplish all the supersets.

PS: Below is a picture of my progress.   What do you think?  I think I need to work on my arms some more to get them more cut. :-)


  1. congrats on the weight loss! care to share any secrets?

    Saw your comment about brewing beer. If you have an extra fridge you can lager. I don't have one and am stuck with ales only.

  2. I just started training for a HIM and upped my mileage. That was enough to bring the weight down. I'm not trying to lose the weight. I am needing to up my protein intake to help curb the weight and muscle loss. I am looking for an excuse to up my carb intake (i.e. an excuse to brew some beer or mead :-) ).

    Converting an old fridge is on my todo list.